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    Malkorok 25 HC adds

    Hello. Me and my guild did some pulls on Malkorok 25 HC and got major problems with adds (living corruptions).

    Main problem was adds not coming to boss to get cleaved fast enough, resulting in slows for ranged dpsers and healers, which was causing some deaths from cleave and general lower dps/hps.

    My question is: do u have any advices how to handle them in 25 man HC raid? Ways for fast and efficient getting them under boss?
    We got prot war and prot pal initially on them, but they couldn't grab them fast enough. We added 3 rets (ye, we got 3 x ret in main raid) with taunts and ranged dpsers still say that they got adds on them for too long.

    Any advices? Who is handling in getting adds under boss in your guild if u killed him already? Or maybe u kill them from range single target?

    Log from adds taunts, all tries:

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    Avenger's shield, judgement, heroic throw, just walk out and hit it if you aren't taking, tell your dps to stop being bad and wait till it's in melee range before dotting it?
    I don't know... I just taunt it and melee it once or twice and it will stick to me. Also, just have a dk death grip it in....

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    I play ret and taunt as much as i can because tanks have problems getting them alone - as far as i checked, noone is dpsing adds outside cloak procs and things like halo from priests.

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    I'm a prot warrior, and I just taunt one/heroic throw another, 2 rets bring them in as well and my druid co tank tries too. Warrior can drop 2x mocking banners on the fight (doesn;t help that much) and go vigilance (spam taunt for 12 secs). All of that is more than enough.

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    The adds were basically an after thought for us. We had our melee taunting when they could and the OT picking them up but we basically ignored them and let them die to cleave.

    On another note, I'm wondering why your 2 tank's DPS is so low. A Warrior that is not taking any damage from the cleave at all in P2 should still be closer to 400k. A Prot Paladin spending 20% of the fight vengeance capped should be higher then 300k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxiel View Post
    I don't know... I just taunt it and melee it once or twice and it will stick to me. Also, just have a dk death grip it in....
    Ah yes, death knights. I heard rumours about those actually existing, but not in those logs.

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    I death grip every second one on 10 man. About the only perk a DK tank has on this boss, and a DPS DK can do the same thing, lol.

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    We have our melee taunt / grip them and they die with miscellaneous cleave. Honestly didn't know that having add trouble even was a thing, and I don't mean that in the elitist sense. It's been called on Teamspeak during our attempts that melee were being bad at getting the adds but it only caused deaths in very specific situations.

    Re-watched our kill from last night and specifically paid attention to the adds this time; I noticed that for the majority of the time, once the adds became active and started moving they went straight into melee so I can only assume they got the taunting down. I guess hunter MDs would also work but that sounds overkill.

    You don't need to focus down the adds as ranged because the scumbag melee will switch to them anyway

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