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    Sry for this but really need help...

    ...about subtlety spec for raid (Soo) since tbh never played before, and played assassination spec since wotlk. I asked bcs I see that now sub spec is better then assassination for rading and since i pref daggers no chance to play combat. So I need helping on geming,specing, reforging, opening and rotations ?
    Any helping will be nice xD

    thx and cheers

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    Sub top? Pretty sure its no where near the best rogue spec in any bracket. Stick with assassination imo
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    after just seeing results of morality bukkake on garrosh

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    While sub should pull ahead, the delta will not be huge. I switched from A to S for all this week's farm, and I was not stupendously impressed- it was a wee bit higher on some fights, as I would expect, but the lack of multidot frustrated me.

    For reforging advice, check out shadowcraft. Also, look around at the other threads!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayp View Post
    Sub top? Pretty sure its no where near the best rogue spec in any bracket.
    What are you basing that on? Single target sub leaves assassination behind, in sims and looking at logs. At this point sub with combat o/s for cleave is looking like the way to go. In BiS gear it's looking like sub and combat may be roughly on par with assassination a bit behind. For most people the difference is not going to be huge so we're in a 'play what you like' type situation. Min/max'rs will go sub single target, combat cleave but assassination will still be hugely popular just because, lets face it, it's easy to put out competitive numbers without too much stress. I'm guessing the difference between a well played sin rogue and average sin rogue is no where near as wide as a well play sub and average played sub rogue which will bring down the sub average dps (log wise) as more people give it a shot.

    For the OP, you've probably already seen it but shadowcraft is awesome:

    Here's you shadowcraft'd

    Currently I'm using sub and assassination and switching between the two. I reforge haste - crit - mastery. The good part about assassination is that for me anyway, stat weights are fairly even (actually currently the same as sub) so I can reforge for sub and not lose anything if I switch specs mid raid.

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    Try the stickies. Anything important that's relevant, and not covered by a basic guide, should probably be an addendum to http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...and-dont-s-5-4, so if you have responses that aren't covered, please post there.

    Also, yes, Sub is ahead of assassination for single target given some gear specifics (i.e. not MH weapon 30 ilevels under average or something).


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