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    Oqueue causing FPS hiccups

    Hi there, I'm somewhat new to Oqueue, it seems to work well for what it's supposed to do and that's great, but I'm having an issue that seems to have had a solution some months ago, but doesn't anymore?

    It's pretty much the exact same issue as this guy had: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415131796 Every few seconds my FPS just hiccups, then resumes. This only happens with OQ up, even going dark/remove battletag doesn't help it, if I disable OQueue, no hiccuping at all. Any ideas? =/

    Also, I randomly get someone (and it's different people each time) added to my bnet friends, who spams me with code messages to which I usually autoreply with similar code, is there any solution to that? Sometimes it's pretty frequent, like several times per 10 seconds.

    Thanks for any help, I do like the addon and it's amazing that something like this was implemented without inner-access to Battle.net and CRZ's guts.

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    I've noticed the FPS dips from time to time with OQ running as well (normally during peak hours) and I just passed it off as the addon syncing up all the premade groups to my client. I searched around Google a bit and found that disabling the 'Auto set role' option in the setup tab helped but not sure if that's the culprit or not. From what I've seen "going dark" does a whole lot of nothing besides updating my broadcast status, I assume its supposed to stop mesh characters from being auto added to your bnet list as well.

    The only time I've seen those spam whispers is when I disable OQ but left people on my bnet list that were automatically added via OQ, normally before i logoff or disable the addon I have it remove everyone it added to my bnet list and I haven't seen the spam since.

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    there is a performance issue when there are more then 120 premades in the list. this is on the to-do list

    for now, using the filter to reduce the number shown, or click on another tab thereby hiding the list, will reduce the problem

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