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    You can tell alot by using dps metres/wol. Can tell if ppl are actually hitting the right targets / using the right abilities and how many times they are actually using those abilities/getting hit from crap that anyone with a brain knows to avoid/inc tank dmg.
    you can tell a lot by using meters yes i said that already. smart players i can tell you are one of them know how to make use. i'm saying in general a dps role never needs to look at how he ranks against the others in the dmg department as long as he is playing properly. because he will be distracted an play worse by constantly thinking 'i need to up my dps' instead of 'i need to play this fight better.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    not at all. in my opinion the average player should have cleared normal by now. we have not.
    Well to be fair average player would also include the 350k hp hunter bot flying around herbing it up all day. The average person consuming raid content though likely has well above 520 by now.
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    Don't be a leach yourself though. Even two good DPSers can carry the group because its THAT easy. I will heal a LFR and be 30% of the total healing. Out of 5 or 6 healers + dpsers with passive healing. 30% is pretty good in a 10 man (if you're 3 healing), but a 25 man? I don't bitch though, I just do my thing and relax. It's a game, just get your loot and move along.
    Stopped carrying quite a while ago - I just log onto another account or play some hearthcrap. It's really relaxing as I don't have to care that the raid wipes and I still get loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    This right here, is (almost) exactly my philosophy.

    Drink a beer and make a good effort. Don't start shit and don't argue. Don't comment on DPS. Vote to kick anyone who starts major drama or has a terrible personality. Don't vote at all on DPS vote kicks. Don't be an asshole. Drop feasts occasionally and pop the repair mount when convenient.

    And if possible, kill bosses and have fun. And drink another beer.

    See, LFR can be fine.
    This is good. I'd only add: do kick afkers.

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