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    I've done every wing every week in PUG groups through either Open Raid or oQueue. So far I've only had two groups not finish a wing, both times on Galakras. Every other group has ranged from good to pro.

    I'd like to get into a Flex guild just so I have a regular group of people to do it with instead of being in a new PUG every week, but so far even doing it in PUG groups is sooo much better than LFR ever was. There is just something about playing with a coordinated group - that has the power to enforce a standard of conduct and performance - that is so much better than the alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hablix View Post
    ... but so far even doing it in PUG groups is sooo much better than LFR ever was. There is just something about playing with a coordinated group - that has the power to enforce a standard of conduct and performance - that is so much better than the alternative.

    even though we didnt kill Thok I can't imagine the LFR version of the 3rd wing. The Flex version was pretty good though. What I like is that it was late (9-12EST run) so when some had to drop, we could and the raid adjusted to the new group size. That alone is awesome... as long as there's tanks and, roughly enough heals, the run can continue even if someone can't make it or has to leave. Flex >> LFR for me.

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    Yeah, much better than LFR.

    They may suck hardcore, but they've generally been pretty decent people.

    Which is a start. I'd rather suck happily than suck miserably.

    Yes, I wrote it that way on purpose.

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    been pretty pleasant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
    14/14h and finally done

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    Flex has become an easymode alt raid where we invite other players from our server, and a couple from other servers. Pretty decent and it serves its purpose.
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    Best thing undoubtedly is the ability for people to drop or leave and not having to scramble for 20-30 minutes looking for another suitable person to fill in.

    Mind you that can still happen if it's a healer or tank role, but not nearly as bad as just flat out missing a person for your strict 10 man composition or if you're trying for a 25 man. For that alone it really serves an interesting, and IMO a really good niche.

    The thing about strict 10 man content is it's hard to see if you need 2 or 3 healers. Most groups I've seen do 10-15 people. With that number you can comfortably do 3-4 healers and not feel like you need more healers or less healers.

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    if you're using oQueue to pull together your group, please encourage your members to hand out karma where appropriate. as a member, remember to give karma to the leader. this will help others as the leader's karma is visible to all... and if you see a group whose leader has negative karma, you might want to think twice before wait listing... the same goes for leaders looking through their wait list. if you see a player with negative karma, you may want to skip over them.

    this negative reinforcement is an attempt to 'encourage' better player behavior

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Right now, though, the issue with 535-540 groups is that you're basically asking people to have close to heroic T15 gear which excludes a lot of good players who are in 510-530 gear and who, arguably, are one of the targets of Flex. Obviously, as we go further into 5.4 this won't be the issue as people get gear.

    The openraid pug i did was 510+ and if we'd had a higher ilevel (say, 520 or so), it might have gone slightly faster, but this is a PUG that, on 3 nights, cleared through Spoils. That's not bad for a 510+ PUG. I can only comment on the third night since I wasn't there earlier, but the wipes on Malkorok weren't due to gearing, but to people not quite getting the fight and not standing in swirlies sometimes. Once people got that and had seen it a few times it was an easy kill (i.e. DPS wasn't the issue). Same for SPoils - the Mantid folks needed to see the fight a couple of times, then it was a pretty straightforward kill.
    I get what you're saying but with the ilvl on the gear in Flex, it's suddenly not only targeted at one group of people "friends and family guilds". Cause trinkets and Tier makes it desirable for even Heroic guilds to do them and I can tell you this, we don't invite "undergeared" players into our runs. We do multiple runs per week and require 530, unless we know the person.

    I don't see it as excluding good players in bad gear though, I see it as our right to pick and chose, since it's our run. If players with 510 ilvl ish wants to do Flex, they are free to organize one themselves or find one via oQueue or Openraid.

    My point is, that people who overgear it, wants to get it done fast. I know it doesn't sound nice, but I have no intentions of boosting a random player with 510 ilvl through Flex, when I can find someone with 530 and have a faster and smoother run. That's the nature of the game.

    On point though, having done multiple Flex runs every week, where we have to pug a few people for run 3 or 4, it's mainly been a good experience. We have actually been taking people with just LFR experience (that's an achievement in itself to complete these days), we just require them to log on TS. If they then suck too much, we simply just kick them. But Flex is basically everything I had hoped it would be and until our alts are geared enough to do a full Normal clear, we'll be doing Flex on them.

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    Until Sunday I didn't meet the requirements to PuG on my server so I've just done it with my Guild. So as far as PuGs go it's been bad for me. Flex is good though.

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    On a dead server like mine it's just a way for guilds to farm out extra loot and maybe PUG someone in if they happen to be short and at the rate Blizzard is rolling out connected realms it'll be a cold day in hell before we see any PUG flex runs. On the other hand the ones I've done have had very few hiccups so I can't complain, just wish I could see some server activity. xD

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