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    Nostalgia - I miss Uldaur :(

    I decided to clear Uldaur to get some transmog stuff and just memories flew to my god dam brain anyway I have not seen a perfect raid compared the enviorment within Uldaur along with lore. I mean really look Algalon's room that's fucking amazing

    Algalon's Room

    ( Oh and he turns that room into space! )

    Oh and just for this sake entering mimiron


    It is my opinion anyway so my question is very simple I guess what raid in your eyes or opinion rather looks one of the very best you've ever seen?

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    I didn't play yet when Ulduar was up to date, but I've cleared it a lot of times for Mims Head. It's a really awesome place indeed. The first raid I've played was ICC, which is imo still the best raid so far, lorewise and by the environment.

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    Best raid.

    I dont even play anymore yet I still miss the good times I had raiding that place
    Cool bosses, cool lore, cool activated hard-modes and amazing environment and architecture.

    Only bad memory I have is from Mimiron HM as I just somehow utterly failed at that boss Soulstone, Combat Ress and Ankh all used one me during the first kill :P Was kinda hilarious.

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    Ulduar was something. To be honest I was not that excited about fighting giant robots and tanks. But the way to raid evolves makes it very interesting. It reminded me of the AQ raid.

    Personally I was more taken with Naxxramas, mainly because I remember how much it took me to get there in Vanilla. That plus I got to experience it as a DK (the class I've wanted to play since I finished the Frozen Throne before WoW was released).

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    Same here, I've played since early TBC, and the only time I ever raided was during Ulduar, I'd love to raid again but my expectations are high lol, and It was just as much the guild I was in, as the raid, I think that made it awesome for me.

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    I liked Uld.. But as for loving it... Ill be right... Raiding is raiding. THis may sound stupid but yeah
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    You missed it so much you even misspelled it. When I did it I hated it. But the mechanics, the overal music and hardmodes were awesome.

    At the time I didn't like the "gnomeregan" feeling. While looking back it has nothing to do with gnomeregan.

    Looking back I loved it. Wish they continued making raids that way. To hell with heroic. Oh well.

    Firefighter was the most awesome imo and 0 lights.

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