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  • The Burning Crusade

    377 24.98%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    631 41.82%
  • Cataclysm

    56 3.71%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    445 29.49%
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    MoP was the final nail in the coffin of WoW for me honestly. The game is nothing like it used to be. They've added things to the point it no longer feels like WoW to me, and that makes me sad. There's no challenge left to be had, no skill required, and the gear and spell inflation is just way too out of hand. Add in the extreme level of homogenization and this game might as well have four classes.

    The game feels too fake at this point. Take me back to TBC, heck maybe even WotLK days and I'd be happy.

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    there is not a SINGLE valid opinion to be found in this thread but mine. BC was best.

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    WotLK > TBC >>>>>>>>>>> Cata > MoP

    Each of expansions had its "pros" and "cons". But Cata and MoP are clearly made by other developers with completely different paradigm.

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    Vanilla > TBC > Wrath/MoP > Cata. I just loved that feel in vanilla where it actually felt like a world and took awhile to travel forcing you to see everything. Also raiding with 39 others just felt more epic.

    If I was to go with quality of an expansion it would have to be

    MoP > Wrath > TBC > Vanilla/Cata

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    TBC > WotLK > MoP > Cata

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    The poll and title are very misleading, but this is probably the best functionally while 3rd best nostalia wise.

    From gameplay alone, I'd have to say TBC>MoP>WotLK>Classic>Cata.

    For personal experience, I'd say WotLK>TBC=MoP>Classic>Cata.

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    MoP was a really good expansion overall. I've been playing since Vanilla, and I will admit that MoP did leave BC in the dust for various reasons. Not to mention what most people miss about BC is the nostalgia. I remember when BT hit everyone was complaining that it was released to quick and bla bla bla. They hated the dailies in Terokkar Forest and Blade's Edge Mountain. forming groups for some of those heroics would take a while to get done based on the server and players you were with. Raiding was only for guild that could access raiding and you needed to unlock them via a quest line for attunement. Don't get me wrong it was good I liked it because I was part of it and got the attunement done etc but for people who just started playing the game there, I'm sure they will say Wrath was more friendly to them than BC ever was. For those who never got a chance to see BT, or even Sunwell (Once again and island with dailies that people hated) the only real raid they did was Karazhan (Which was really cool imo but did his time). So I still think it depends on how you position yourself and which type of player you were back than and today. My order would go like this but again that is my personal opinion.

    1) MoP
    2) Wrath
    3) BC
    4) Cata

    Have a nice day

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    To the guy above, Isle of Quel'danas was some one of the best content updates, ever. You cant say that "everybody" hated it. It brought content and one of the best places for world pvp, ever.

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    Tbc > mop > wrath > cata

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    Not attempting to removing anyones opinion but just adding something about when LFR released to counter the nostalgia comments- LFD was not met positively at the time either. There wasn't this massive positive rejoice over it and I know the only reason I personally accepted using it sometimes was because the heroics were so easy. Throughout most of wrath and to this day I would almost only queue with friends, in wrath more often full group queues as everyone was familiar with it back then.

    Sure some people accepted it at first, but for a lot I imagine it was a rough change as people slowly succumbed to blizzards new way, and as less people made manual groups the leftovers had to do LFD. I'm not exactly sure when it became the norm, maybe about 3.3? Compared to I believe the 3.1~ implementation.
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    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    1. The Burning Crusade
    2. Mists of Pandaria
    3. Wrath of the Lich King
    4. Cataclysm

    Apart from TBC being first by far, while WotLK and Cata were both disappointments and mostly negative for me, I feel like MoP has been able to restore a lot of the positive things to the game again.

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    Hard one for me to answer. I have plenty of good memories of Cata, since its first tier was excellent, but it was the first expac that made me quit for awhile. would prolly rank it WotLK = BC > MoP > Cata

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    Is MoP seriously over already? For who? Have all raiders raided all bosses? Have all pvpers ended their seasons? And wasn't at least 5.4.1 announced?

    WotLK > MoP > TBC > Classic > Cata (played since day 1 in EU)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keristrasza View Post
    My ranking oddly reflects the current polls. Wrath - MoP - TBC - Cata, Wrath will always been a fond expansion for me, a lot of wonderful memories and beyond just "nostalgia" it was one of the more interesting expansions to date. I dont care how "Frequent" we saw the LK, it felt like he was watching us with some horrible plan, even if some people said it felt more like something out of Scooby-doo.
    He was watching with a plan...

    He was trolling us along to get to him so he could kill us and raise us as he ultimate champions, and then Mr super pally remembered he had his pvp trinket after eating a 20m ice block lol

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    TBC > MOP > Cata > WotLK

    Hated Wrath and still do. Can't stand leveling in that expac.

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    Wotlk > TBC > MOP> Cata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giscoicus View Post
    How can you say that Wrath had everything better when you just said TBc had better PvE and PvP, the core of the game?
    I was actually comparing only TBC and MoP to each other, kinda stating my reasons why I think they are tied in my list. In WotLK I preffered the dungeon (awesome design and not too hard, MoP has the same difficulty), the raids (Ulduar and ICC are the best), maybe not the PvP, the storytelling (Scourge FTW), questing (non linear and good quality) and features (LFD saved me from the /2 trade hellhole)

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    mop / cata has been utterly dissapointing. So dumbed down gameplay. instant there instant here, cc breaker there cc breaker here.
    Boring, bad just purely unsatisfying.
    TBC / WOTLK <3.
    Vanilla <3 if u never played before.

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