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  • The Burning Crusade

    377 24.98%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    631 41.82%
  • Cataclysm

    56 3.71%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    445 29.49%
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    Quote Originally Posted by dashflash890 View Post
    I still don't get whats so bad about Cata.
    I don't think it's bad, in my opinion it was a good game.
    But TBC, WotLK and MoP were/are just amazing.

    So if I compare Cataclysm to non-WoW games it is great.
    Comparing it to other WoW-expansions makes it 'bad'.

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    Wrath was the last time I cared about WOW. Lick King it was still about heroes fighting awesome villains. Cata was green Jesus vs recycled dead guys. Mop got lost on wild life and snapped back to city leaders. The villains these days are trash and they forgot it was suppose to be about the heroes slaying digital dragons. Head too far up own butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giscoicus View Post

    because Wrathbabys cried when content got hard and left. Those who stayed LOVE pandaria and hate Cata. If they tried to require EFFORT again, pandaplayers would go nuts and rage quit too.

    I can promise anybody ITT who ranks Wrath top put Cata bottom. Those who put TBC top more often than not put Cata higher up than MoP (lower than wrath because 4.3 really was bad)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Vanilla gameplay second? wut.

    I mean...


    Hmm I think I have a screenshot of my 60 shadowpriest around here. Oh wait.
    This is exactly what I was talking about. People with clouded vision. People who can't seem to wrap their heads around the LFD tool and why the increased difficulty and requirement for crowd control was a bad idea. If the random dungeon finder was never implemented, then the increased difficulty for Cataclysm heroics wouldn't have been as terrible. But we had the random dungeon finder tool, which brings about idiots and groups them together with other idiots. And idiots + difficulty increase =/= a good time.

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    MoP>Cata>Wrath>BC>(Didn't play in vanilla)

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    MoP has been the most engaging expansion for me. Just always feels like their tons to do. Not to mention the story was great.

    Catalclysm was the weakest in my opinion. It had great potential but felt so half-assed by the time 4.3 rolled around.

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    To put it bluntly the reason I think Mists is my favorite expansion is because it was breath of fresh air.

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    Although I am not technically a " Wrath baby " I started to play more seriously than just experiencing things for fun in TBC. Still, I have obtained the Champion of the Naaru, and I must say it was a huge pain in the ass rather being fun. In fact, keys, reputations for heroic dungeons and atunements everywhere drove me nuts in TBC not to mention the boring, long ass drawn out and sometimes even irritating fights ( looking at you Kael/Vashj).
    Wrath was wonderful for me: putting aside the rehashed Naxx I even liked ToC ( yes, I am a happy member of " Fuck-the-trash-club), but especially Ulduar and ICC, it was a wonderful feeling sinking to the lore and the instances themselves.
    Cata was supposed to be good and the beginning was nice: revamped questing zones, challenging first tier, brutal 5 mans ( 2 hours in Deadmines? no problem!). Still it fell short for me with the recycled zandalari content, the boredom of DS and FL.
    MoP is surprisingly strong in not only providing you to actually do outside of raiding but in elements of dynamic story and fun, not to mention the ( mostly) great Raids as well.
    So my final verdict:
    MoP = WotLK > Cata > TBC
    ( Yes, I hated TBC more than Cata, it was just horrible by design while Cata was just half assed, but with good intentions).

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    Wrath, mop, bc, cata, vanilla. And yes I played them all unlike most people who lie about it on this fourm.
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    I think MoP would have been a lot better if Cataclysm didn't exist.

    Cataclysm did a lot of irreversible things to the game, to which the game still suffers, ilvl is a big offender here.
    I think that's one of the reasons why Blizzard chose to keep increasing ilvl so expontentially this expansion as well, so we as players would beg for an ilvlsquish after this expansion.

    CC, and tools in general need to be reduced for each class. There are some defensive cooldowns that are way too powerful (in PvP, and some extent PvE) This can be partially blamed on Cataclysm, which introduced a fuckton of spells and mechanics that weren't needed. MoP had it's share of unneccessary skills as well. Self heals mostly.

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    WotLK=BC>MoP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cata adventure pack

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    It's hard for me to rank these expansions because each did things differently.

    Story: WotLK > MoP > Cataclysm > TBC > Vanilla (In general, storytelling has kept a positive slope from the launch of the game - with WotLK edging slightly ahead bolstered by what WC3 had established previously)

    Raiding: TBC > WotLK >= MoP > Cataclysm > Vanilla (This is a very peraonsl call - TBC has my best raiding memories. But generally, I think end bosses in TBC were some of the most iconic and memorable bosses in the game to date)

    Accessibility: MoP > WotLK > Cataclysm > TBC > Vanilla (The game is very accessible to players these days, and offers a wide scope of content for casuals all the way up to the hardcore)

    Overall: WotLK > TBC >= MoP > Vanilla > Cataclysm (Truth told, I loved all of these except Cataclysm, which I think had some good concepts that led to some good design in Mists, but was ultimately a failure as an expansion for players)

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    WotLK > TBC > MoP > Cata

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    Every expansion has been downhill since the start for me. Too much homogenization, and I'm sick of all the different difficulties.
    I don't think repeating the same raid on a different difficulty 4 times should be considered content.
    I miss the times when a hard raid was just hard, without easy modes.
    I was fine running Kara over and over again until I was good enough for TK/BT, and those until I was good enough for Sunwell.
    And even though I didn't get to finish Sunwell until level 80, I was completely fine with it because I respected the people who were able to do it, and had something to strive for even if it wasn't possible during it's relevancy.

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    Wait a second, MoP isn't finished as of yet? From a PvE perspective only a handful of guilds have completed SoO. I don't believe you can fully judge MoP as of yet, LFR & Flex ain't fully released yet.

    However, if MoP holds up until next expansion, my list will look like this.

    MoP = TBC -> Cata = WotLK

    We all agree that Cataclysm is far from a top ranking as the best expansion, but it wasn't all that bad imo. Cool bosses and a nice raid atmosphere, mostly. And the rework of the zones were long overdue, making many of them a lot more interresting, Desolace comes to mind among others.

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    WotLK immersion was off the charts. Gameplay wasn't bad and the game had more randomness to it (Leather geared Warriors, Armor Pen, oddball ICC trinkets, Ulduar Hardmodes), and despite Naxx and ToC, WotLK gave us Ulduar.

    MoP gameplay delivered consistent early Cata levels of raiding, but utterly failed on 5 mans, gave us the donkey cock daily rep grinds, and the Asian theme fails utterly (for me, I hate Asian themed games, companies based on European and American markets should stay the fuck away from Asian themed games, Asia already mass produces enough of that shit for 10 planets.) For lore and immersion MoP gets an utter insufficient, Krasarang and the Alliance intro to Pandaria were literally the only 2 saving moments of the entire lore and immersion section. (Okey I admit the Panda starting zone, the Wandering Isle was pretty cool. Instead of making an entire expansion based on that, the Pandaren could have simply been introduced along with the Wandering Isle and that would have been more then sufficient.)

    TBC was great but somewhat overwhelming. It was still full of fresh factor.

    Cata started out strong...that's it. I refuse to talk about it. It was all a very long and very bad dream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raiju View Post
    TBC > WOTLK > MOP > Classic > Cata (note: started in late classic)
    I agree with this also. I feel like MOP was good but the asian theme sucked. it didn't feel like wow at all

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    TBC = MoP > Wrath > Cata

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    Well, i started playing at Wotlk, so for me it`s: Mists of Pandaria > Wrath of the Lich King > Cataclysm

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    Still early IMO to say MoP is over at least from an experience stand point. So far though I got WotLK=BC> Cata> Classic>>> MoP in terms of enjoyment of experience during the expansion. I cut my game play time substantially going into Cata and it suited me in Cata while it was too little for MoP with just a bunch of trivial grinds outside of guilded raiding.

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    I had my problems, but Mists is easily the most consistent expansion. I think I saw someone else say similar, and... yeah, I thought most of the stuff was solid so I can't really complain. BC was the most fun for me, but hell I didn't even play the whole thing because I didn't need to up until they released Sunwell as filler.

    If they release a 5.5 that has just a little more story content than 5.3 than I'd start to worry whether they could do it for a whole other expansion, after they mentioned pulling off expansion people to work on Timeless Isle (I think). Hope they can keep up these patch cycles. It was very well realized, finally. Been talkin about it since BC also.

    After Classic: MoP > BC >> Wrath>Cata (only because it shifted so drastically. Could've been BC).
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