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    Blizzcon Virtual Ticket

    Hey there!

    I am planing on buying 2-3 virtual tickets, one of them for me, one for my brother and one for a friend.
    Are the tickets acount bound or you can put them on any acount posible.

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    Mine is tied to my account. I don't know if it can be gifted

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    I wanted to buy one but it seems it can't be gifted. In the end, I bought one for my gf today by logging in her account and buying it for her. I paid with iDeal from my own bankaccount, so you can still pay for someone else this way. Kinda hard to make it a surprise though :P

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    MPA is correct, the Virtual Ticket is bound to the account through which it is purchased. More information about that can be found, here. Please let me know if there's anything else regarding the ticket that I can help clear up!

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