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    Heroic Malkorok

    My guild is starting progression on him this week. We have put in 2 hours so far, and have only seen phase 2 twice. I was hoping to get some input on how other 25 man guilds are handling the amount of orbs before phase 2, and how you are handling soaking every single void zone without losing members to raid damage. Any information is helpful. Any tips are helpful as well. For phase 2, we plan on having our hunters and off tank soaking, and are using the single tank strat for blood rage. Are there better classes for soaking orbs?

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    Have classes with Immunities or 90% damage reduction CD (Rogues / Hunters / Pallies / SP) to soak some orbs as soon as their immunities are up (preferably with Sprint / Nitro Boost). You wouldn't want / need to use everyone with immunities, though - IIRC on our first kills we only used 4 people (2 Rogs, 2 Hunters) to actively soak it, with Priests shielding themselves after soaking a void zone and eat 1 orb each. Have one tank run around clearing orbs during Blood Rage.
    Even with soaking void zone in phase 2, you still shouldn't lose raid members. Did you use CDs for it to reduce the damage (Devo Aura) and to top people shield up to Green before next void zone wave?

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