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    Eating, going for a smoke, etc should be done before or after the raid. As we have a bigger raid-roster when farming there is always at least one boss where someone isnt in the group and can take a break for these 20-30min.
    I find heavy smokers perform worse and worse if they are not allowed to smoke (especially after bad pulls) so they are usually left to be res'd while they run out to smoke. Btw e-cigs have improved our raid performance per week significantly.

    My comment about eating before or after raid can be found below.
    Quote Originally Posted by fappasaurus View Post
    Anyone else think it's weird that people have breaks for raids that go less than 5 hours? 3-4 hour raids? Grab and drink and restroom prior, you don't have a ton of time to work with. If you really have to toilet go quickly on trash. If you're a big eater keep energy bars/drinks near the pc. Just not comprehending all these 3 hour per night groups taking 15minute dinner/fapping breaks mid raid. You're playing a video game. You're not at the gym lol.
    Some people get home from work/school just in time for raid and don't have their mother/SO cook for them.
    Such as if raid starts at 8PM and ends at 12AM, do you really want to eat dinner every raid night at midnight?
    Then they need to go to bed ASAP to wake up in time for work in the morning. That's just not healthy for your digestive tract!

    Even a 15 minute break at 10PM for "dinner" is barely tolerable especially if you want to eat well/properly. Then there are dishes to be washed, trash to be taken out...
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    So you come back home take a shower and then take another one in like two hours? WTF?

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    3 raids a week, 19:15 to 23:00.
    15 mins break per raid, but sometimes after bosses people go for a smoke during trash.

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    3.5 hour raid. We get one 8 min break in the middle.

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    Our breaks usually take 10-15mins. The GM doesn't always have a fixed length for this.

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    I raid two times per week for 4h each and because we run 10 man breaks are very fluid so some raids we don't have any breaks and some raids we have a 5 min break and some 10 min breaks. Most of the time once we are about 2h or so hours in and someone asks for a break we usually give people 5 min to get back.

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    When I raided... after every hour we'd take a scheduled break that was usually around 5 mins... enough time to eat something, go to the bathroom or do some task that was annoying you. Since the guild I was in was pretty hardcore and top 100 in the world, everyone was back on time... very rarely did we have to wait longer than 5 mins. Only when someone had bad shits or some emergency came up, but we'd usually replace them within the minute and we'd be back on progression. When ever people afk'd randomly... depending on their rank in the guild, would either be gkicked or instantly replaced and put on probation for the rest of the week.
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    We raid the same amount of time as you, OP. We have one scheduled break of 10 minutes around 2 hours into the raid. Sometimes we delay the break in either direction, depending if we just killed a boss or if we have some trash in front of us. Aside from that there are usually some short periods of time, like when people are exchanged, which are used by the other raiders to upgrade stuff and/or quickly go to the bathroom.
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    2-3 nights a week. And breaks are two 5-10 min breaks through our raid, which is about 2-2.5 hours.

    We have a Single Mom with an 11 year old, a 28 year old husband/father with a 6 and a 1 year old, middle aged married couple with dogs and a smoking habit (she's trying to quit), 40 year old with a beer-every-10-minutes habit during raid nights and a 30 something who likes to call it pizza deliveries during raid time because he doesn't get off work until 30 mins prior...

    ...makes for a interesting evening most raid days.

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    Through the years my guilds have had everything from 5 to 30 mins break, usually around 10-15. Biobreaks are usually quick and can be done by putting follow on someone while running back to the boss.

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    We raid Tues/Weds/Sun 9:30-12:30 EST, and take a 10 minute break typically around 11pm EST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrun View Post
    In most organized raids you raid from 3-4 hours a night 3 nights a week. That seems to be the average norm per se. Now sitting there everyone needs to take a break, gotta pee, step outside for a smoke, eat something w/e. SO my question to you all is how long are your breaks? In my old guild when I get home I start to prepare dinner then set my food aside, take a shower, then its raid time. some time after we have been raiding we take a15 min break I go and re heat my dinner and shower off super quick. By the time I get out food is hot and I can eat in peace then its back to raiding. 15 mins is perfect for me, so to the other raiders out there what are your break times?
    My group does 3 nights/week, 2.5 hrs/night and we usually take one 5-10 min break after the first hour.

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    Nothing fixed so generally raid breaks are ~5 min when someone needs to afk.
    But i feel like 10 min afk breaks can be a good thing, just to walk around and stretch yourself.

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    3 hour raids and two 6 min breaks per raid.

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    posting posting -_-

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    The only break on our raid are when we have to walk after a wipe.

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    Our raids were started at 16 or 17. Then a break usually around 19 for 30 minutes then another 20 minute break at 22. Raids ended at 2330 - 2400
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    We raid 3 hours a night 3 days a week, and we take 10 minute breaks once a night.

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    One 5min break halfway.

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    Been a while since i hardcore raided but from what i can remember we used to take 10 mins break 2hours in (easy to medium bosses out of the way) then onto the more challenging. If we were bashing our heads against a wall trying to down a certain boss we would take a break after 7-8 tries. People forget how demanding raiding is on your brain, it needs to look away from the screen every now and again.

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