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    Immersues question

    So looking at logs I'm seeing people having an immersues kill in under 2 minutes. How?

    Ours last 5 minutes and to my knowledge we're performing all mechanics correctly.

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    Maybe they're managing to heal up and kill every single globule? Perhaps having hybrids go healing or something?

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    World of Logs was at one time counting wipes on heroic Immersues as normal kills, whilst it doesn't do it anymore some of the older logs might still be broken, are you sure they actually killed it?

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    No, and I wasn't aware of that bug either. I was just looking on WoL and saw the first nearly 2 pages of every class were sub 2 minute kills. Just making sure I wasn't missing something important.

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    This is right off the WoL site
    Siege of Orgrimmar

    Posted by Maihem on 16 Sep 2013 10:33 CEST

    Work is under way to update WOL for patch 5.4, Siege of Orgrimmar. All bosses are identified by WOL, but difficulty detection has not yet been added. Fight boundary detection also still needs improvement as does kill detection. Keep an eye on the forums for updates!
    Tue 8/10
    •Immerseus kill detection was updated to no longer consider damage events with overkill to be boss deaths.
    •Instead, Immerseus turning friendly can now signal encounter success.
    •Validation was implemented for Immerseus based on Corruption removed; the threshold is set at 90 corruption.
    •Iron Juggernaut fights should no longer timeout during the siege phases.
    •Heroic Sha of Pride fights should no longer timeout when the logger is banished.

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    Basically, to expand on BaP's post, world of logs was counting single phases as kills.
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