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    Frenzied Crystal of Rage - Anyone currently running this trinket on fights?

    Good morning Warlock community,

    I was wondering if there's any lock currently running Frenzied Crystal of Rage for any of the fights. I just looted this trinket on normal and was trying to find some good situations where this trinket could shine. As of now I noticed Robot is listing it like a a huge dps loss compared to my normal UVLS, it even seems to be ranked lower than the Light of Cosmos from MSV. I'm currently running an Aff/Destro build, any constructive input is greatly appreciated.

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    its terrible, usable on spoils I suppose, though.

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    Try it on Hellscream.

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    Good for Galakras and Spoils (if you are lucky 9-10% (destro, elem)).
    Not good for everything else.
    Doesn't hit main target.
    Class specific school (shadow for warlocks)
    8 yards radius.
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    Just remember to take it out after Galakras, as it's useless on Iron Jug.

    Actually it was kind of crappy on Galakras also.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I'll switch it in for our spoils kill tonight and test it out. I'm hoping this trinket gets re-done or comes in handy during Heroic. I have had terrible luck with trinket drops, I guess I got excited for nothing lol.

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    From my experience it was quite useless on Spoils but suprisingly good on Galakras, this as Demo.
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    About the only place that trinket is good is when you are doing mega trash pulls. I can't think of any fight where its a must have or even a nice to have. Its just a couple limited situations where its even "okay to use" and those are heavily RNG. What you lose is also significant and comparing to what the other trinkets just do its just not strong enough as is. Its basically 2x fights that are not *that* hard even on heroic (comparatively speaking) that require your tanks to keep adds up, grouped up, etc or it doesn't work at all.

    Kinda like aff vs destro on spoils. If your tanks/raid keep things in a nice pile destro is better...if they are more spread out then soulswap carries the day. Locks have pretty good natural aoe/cleave so we don't really need the trinket per se.

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    I picked up H WF version this week, used it on our spoils kill.

    It was 4.2% of my kill (destro), as was my H non-WF KTT multistrike damage. I will continue using it there - it beats out my 543 BoTH for cleave fights easily enough.

    I can't think of any fight I haven't killed yet where I will use it (h thok to h garrosh, there isn't really anything that will benefit, other than paragons once I am willing to pad for ranks). It's more a toy.

    As far as ranking, I think it will be of use on paragons/spoils/galakras/maybe malkorok, which gives it a nice bit of a niche

    It also has the side benefit of making me like #24 on ilvl when I log out, and #1 oceanic ^^
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    I can't think of any fights I would take this over another trinket in any spec.

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    8,8% with cleave trinket in Galakras 25 HC as Destro warlock this weeks kill.. Good on Spoils too, 4,6% on our kill pull but sometimes it was rougly 8-10%...

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    You also have to consider that it's only worth taking on Galakras if you feel add dps is more important than dps on Galakras in the last phase.

    I would never use it on Galakras. I would get higher dps, but killing the boss is more important than getting high dps and since my raiding team annihilates the adds, but can still wipe on the last phase if we screw something up, I would definitely use another trinket on that fight.

    Also, if anyone suggests using it on Garrosh, they're likely clueless or dps whores. Add dps in the first phase is incredibly unimportant, unless your tanks are clueless and you have to go without the iron star tactic.

    The only fight I could justify using it on would be spoils since AoE dps is actually important there OR Immerseus heroic if you're having trouble with the adds.
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