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    When to break 2P T15 Shadow


    My main spec is disc but i use my shadow off spec when needed. And i like to be as good as i can, even if i don´t use it alot.
    Well atm i am 532 shadow geared (547 on disc).

    I am wearing 2p T15 (chest 502 and legs 522) and a 559 ilvl warforged chest dropped for the second time. It would be a big upgrade stat wise, and i tought the choice would be obvious. But i cant stop wonder how good is the 2p compared to it? As it is pretty good. I also use UVLS trinket, dps meta gem and dps legendary cloak. I wont get T16 and SoO trinkets anytime soon as disc is prio.

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit: I also noticed i got 528 ilvl legs (haste and mastery).
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    The ilvl alone is worth it. Drop both T15 pieces for the other gear.

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    I tought so too, but i wanted too be sure.

    Thanks for reply

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