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    Quote Originally Posted by Lor_Azut View Post
    My wishlist is simple.. High Elves playable
    High elves would just be blood elves remodeled... just allow them as a sub race for blood elves.

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    Cool topic some place to purge some ideas - though I doubt many of them are actually feasible ^^... So I'm trying to be a bit more specific:
    On my expension my heart rate would increase if:

    1: Onyxia must come back of course.. Not seen here during all of Pandaria, which is a big fail... This time as a spectral drake or something, inside a big room with eggs around it that hatch and spawn untargetable adds.. Soft enrage: don't get too many adds. Achievement: Get many, many, many (more) adds...
    2: Parties/Raids become a bit more versatile based on the composition. Eventhough a lot of spells have been copied to other classes, pursuing more uniqueness would be really cool (also hard to balance). But I would love to see talent specializations have more influence on compositions... E.g. grant fire mages a spell that gives the team a (small) fire DoT to their weapons. Give holy priests some ability that he passes on the raid and if the raid performs e.g. healing actions, grant the healers additional healing power.. These buffs don't have to be huge, but with some visual backup this might make groups a bit more different once again .
    3: New hero classes and races is easy to ask for, but I can imagine also a pain to implement from a development and balance point of view... Though very tough, it'd be cool to have some kind of rebellion / civil war within a faction for instance involving a race (e.g. blood elfs being disbanded for treason).. Probably temporarily, but it'd be a cool twist..
    4: Did I mention that Onyxia should make her return?
    5: Accidents happen of course.. So add some areas where people can actually get hit by crap.. I mean, you can drop of a cliff and get fall damage.. You can dive underwater and die/choke.. But you can fly through a thunderstorm that won't do anything.. So areas where there are thunderstorms, tornado's, scary woods with roots that will choke you for a bit every now and then. It shouldn't be constant damage though, but really incidental.
    6: Also mentioned a few times, but the influence of night / day would be cool to. Also try to adjust the npc's with this.. So night-animals during the night and vice versa.
    7: Onyxia?
    8: Add a 'university' to the game, where we can gain a new currency called 'knowledge', with it we should be able to play around a bit more with professions. E.g. Store a profession and learn a new one. Make this 'knowledge' bound by time (e.g. 1 course per weekly reset) to avoid people switching between profs continuously. This will take the stress away from keeping up multiple alts.. E.g. make it that if a player consistently attends a course each week for about 6-8 weeks, he gains enough points to store a profession and level a new one. Stored professions are useless, unless you store another one. Sort of an exchange program.
    9: World bosses --> attacking major cities. And yes, if not coped with properly cities should be partially destroyed (like stormwind during cataclysm).. After a city is destroyed it takes x-amount of time to be rebuild (so we get e.g. the city walls with a lot of repair dudes). We want chaos during a city attack, NPCs running/screaming over the streets, fortune tellers yelling 'its the end of the world'.. yes mass-chaos would do! Of course, everything is cool when you just form a group, kill the world boss and gain some lootz! Again, when having multiple different world bosses, it'd be cool to reset them weekly, but if they're killed pike their heads inside the cities, so people know which one has already visited the city (unless it didn't die).
    10: And of course definetly On... well you get the point
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    Nice ideas in the last 2 pages, updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
    I know this is completely and utterly pointless but since I ended up posting in this thread anyway:

    Demon Hunter player class with a dual-wielding tank spec.
    This, please!

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    The horde should get Mana'ri Eredar, the Alliance should get High Elves.
    The horde should get Ogres, the Alliance should get Naga.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I want Gnome and Foresaken Paladins
    I want pandaren Druids,
    I want Tauren and Draenei Rogues.

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    Demon Hunter

    1 Tank spec, 2 DPS specs

    That would be cool.

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    A little bump

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    - demon wings (flying mount) for warlocks.

    - epic class quests for every class.

    - More blood elf, dwarf, NE, worgan and goblin lore. (dont care about Draenei, trolls have enough, keep humans and orcs about the same)

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    • Heirlooms handled the way GW2 Appearance Reward items are (Claimable on each character, regardless of server, frees up space).
    • Tabard Tab/More Inventory slots
    • Bag recipes not requiring a metric ton of grinding. Just STAHP. Don't punish the guy with 4 alts.
    • PvE Raid Alternatives that do not involve Faction Grind, or Raid Quest Items. Like Wrathion or Cata Thrall styled chains... without raids.
    • Faction Grind reduced to storyline quests only. Dailies for non-essential " faction tokens". Mindless Grinding is no longer replay value.
    • New 60-70 area, or a revamp of the TBC zones, to better reflect the events of WoW.
    • Improved Dungeon/Raid finder, that boots DPS whose pre-grouped tank logs out, after they get a free line-hop into a group.
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    I know Blizzard have said no a million times, but I'd love Legacy Servers, otherwise looks like I'm waiting patiently for Corecraft.

    As for the actual expansion:
    New Models
    Burning Legion Expansion

    These are musts for me. The state of the models is getting fucking ridiculous, especially considering they stated those months ago they were only 25% done, what the fuck. I'm hoping 25%-100% is possible by the next expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verazh View Post
    - demon wings (flying mount) for warlocks.

    - epic class quests for every class.

    - More blood elf, dwarf, NE, worgan and goblin lore. (dont care about Draenei, trolls have enough, keep humans and orcs about the same)
    Better care about draenei since Velen is likely going to be taking a leading role in the next Legion expac we have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deshow View Post
    1. Alleria and Turalyon return
    2. Argus as the new 90-95 or 90 - 100 zone
    3. Prestige class at 100
    4. playable high elves for the alliance
    5. new race models
    6. More titanic lore
    7. Cross-realm heirlooms
    8. Faster 1-80 experience for veterans
    9. Demon hunter hero class
    10. Burning legion as the villain
    11. Illidan redemption story
    12. Fix the talent tree's
    What exactly would you want from a prestige class at 100? I like the idea but what would they do with it? I also like the 1-80 faster exp idea. I have 8 alts at 90 and then 87,80,55. I've done so much lvling that I just get annoyed with some of the zones. Having faster exp (stacked with heirlooms) would make me want to level the rest. Demon hunter also sounds like a great idea.

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    I'm not expecting much..

    1) new race models

    2) A expansion boss thats a villain, not misunderstood, not corrupted, not once dead and angry cause they came back to life, hasn't gone mad, didn't go insane. No old god involvement, no BL corruption and please no talking weapons. Every villain is just "I'm really not a bad guy/girl just I'm weak minded and stupid and the old gods/BL/this talking weapon told me to do it". There's no truly evil person in all of azeroth who would take advantage of the mortal races attention being elsewhere?

    3) Rhok'delar returning some how. I have it on two hunters just came back to wow this time alliance...both hunters are horde...both on different servers Q_Q

    4) tieing up some loose ends before making more.

    5) a revamp to outland

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    make the game more like an mmorpg rather than the "open moba" game it is today

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    a little bump

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    A Story Mode or Campaign Quest Line that progresses every patch with new & history of Lore for us Lore Nerds.
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    all i wish is : older raids come to life again with heroics as hard as the new expansions.

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    Highly doubt, we will get a new class, atleast in the next expansion, there are already way too many in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archypew View Post
    all i wish is : older raids come to life again with heroics as hard as the new expansions.
    Yes plz, But we need to think of rewards.
    I don't always hunt things, But when I do, It's because their things & I'm a Bear.

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    I believe a greater emphasis on aesthetic immersion will to an extent reinvigurate WoW, give it a new 'look' and a new 'feel'. What I'm talking about is little things that could drastically change the game:

    -Making night time actually night time, make it dark and a little sinister!
    -A better day/night cycle
    -More varied and intense weather effects. How amazing would it be for it to actually snow in Stormwind & Elwyn Forest for example!
    -Re-invigurate the holiday seasons! They're very old and stale now. They should actually help to get players into that specific holiday spirit or feeling.
    -Player & NPC models should have different body sizes & physiques. It gets a tad boring seeing everyone looking the same apart from the odd major lore character.
    -Newer foliage and tree models.
    -Already been said but greater character customisation would greatly improve peoples perspective!

    What do you all think?

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