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    Kara/Ulduar for me Although I think Kara pips it just because it was the first raid I could do as a DPS shaman!

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    1.) Kharazan - great atmosphere, great ideas (chess, theatre), well themed, no boss where i wondered why the hell am i facing this monster at this place.
    2.) Ulduar - great atmosphere, well devided into parts with difficulty levels and options, unique hard mode mechanics.

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    VoA because it was LFR before LFR it was cool.

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    Icecrown Citadel (Cause it was just EPIC), Karazhan had the best overall feeling in my opinion theme and such was sick.

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    Fav raid Lore wise: Siege of Org. It's been a blast plowing through the streets of Orgrimmar as Alliance. Been enjoying it a lot!
    Mechanics wise: Ulduar, boring answer but it's a lot of people's favorite with good reason. It was just so well done.

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    ICC. The lore wins it for me.

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    Bastion of Twilight - Greatly overlooked because of the overall expansion.

    Unique with fun bosses and mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    Bastion of Twilight - Greatly overlooked because of the overall expansion.

    Unique with fun bosses and mechanics.
    Yeah i enjoyed BoT too tbh

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    BWD/BoT =)

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    ICC or Ulduar. Huge, epic raid instances with an amazing atmosphere. SoO is surprisingly comparable to them.

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    Not really sure I can narrow it to just one

    Vanilla: AQ40, Naxx40
    BC: Sunwell
    Wrath: Ulduar, ToGC (yes I said it), ICC (hLK 25), RS
    Cata: Firelands
    MoP: SoO

    If I had to choose though I'd go with Ulduar or Firelands, best boss encounters ever being heroic LK 25 and heroic Rag. Firelands was just pretty much the perfect raid size for me, and heroic Rag was the perfect difficulty level. Ulduar gets a lot of hype, and some encounters were really mediocre...but overall the raid deserves the praise it gets, if only due to Algalon and Yogg.

    Most interesting/unusual encounters (for their time) though go to Ruby Sanctum and ToGC...faction champs and twin valks <3 And Halion was just a lot of fun.

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    Hard to say. I probably spent the most time in MC, which I enjoyed and I also liked Black Temple. I had a guild I really liked in BC, so pretty much any raid with them was a blast. TK was poopy, but I liked SSC a lot as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    Ulduar, due to the amount of effort that went into it. hard modes that were not just number increases, for example. Second would be joint Black Temple and Karazhan, because they are so atmospheric.
    My sentiments exactly. I wasn't around for BC, but you don't need to have been to see that Kara was something very special.

    ICC was something of a letdown to me. The boss fights themselves were quite good (with the exception of the blood wing), but the environment could have been so much better.
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    Sunwell plateau. Because it was so beautiful. = BT
    Ulduar. Because firestarter.
    Throne of thunder was pretty sick as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post

    First raid I ever simply had the best overall feeling to it. Bosses were fun, not perse really hard but fun.

    fav Boss: Shade of Aran...hint for reason: I will not move when...

    2. Black Temple

    For the same reason as Karazhan. I feel like they put more time in making you feel the athmosphere and theme of the raid insted of just creating a random raid with overcomplicated bossfights.

    Fav Boss: felt really overwhelming have to run away from such a big fucker.

    3. Not really the raid, but Mimiron Hardmode aka Firefighter Achievement truely is the best boss I've ever done.
    I agree with this. Karazhan was a awesome raid design. The best Blizzard has designed to date. Black Temple was epic too. Great story.

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    Icecrown Citadel, mainly for the amazing lore and atmosphere. The only thing I found dissapointing was that we never got to climb all the way to the Frozen Throne, like Arthas did in the cinematic

    Ulduar and Karazhan are close seconds

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    Probably Karazhan. I played quite a bit back in TBC but never got into raiding; it was perfect for my guild and I. It had its challenges, given we were PVE newbies (Nightbane, Netherspite, even Aran...), but it felt... right. It was a cool raid that even we could see and a stepping stone to bigger things, if we put the effort in. Which we never really did.

    Ulduar takes the cake mechanically though, and Sunwell is the most gorgeous even if I never got farther than the gates in BC. >.>
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    Ulduar, customizable difficulty, not too much trash (well, Freya's was annoying, and the damn snow packs before Hodir but it was simple enough to avoid most of those).

    After that, it's maybe a tie between Kara and SSC, and then maybe the one in Twilight Highlands.
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    1. Ulduar / Black Temple / ZA
    2. SoO / Karazhan
    3. ICC / Naxx40 / ZG
    4. ToT / MC
    5. BWD / BoT
    6. Firelands / BWL / AQ / Naxx revamped.
    7. TK / Hyjal Summit
    8. SSC
    9. Dragon Soul

    - I never raided SWP when it was current.
    - I excluded 1-2 bosses raiders, such as Gruul / OS etc.

    From best to Worst.
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