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    3 member guild, GM goes on break, gives lead to me, reform unlikely before 6.0

    I play on Kazzak EU Horde, in a guild with about 3 remaining members: the guildmaster (who is a realID friend of mine and a friend IRL), myself and 1 other player who is also a friend of the GM. There are not really any other members of the guild, most of them haven't logged in in 1 month or more (96 players, 82 accounts, most of which haven't logged on in the last week).

    The GM has told me that he will be going on an extended leave during the winter, from december to february, maybe longer. he is putting me in charge of the guild during that time. he does not expect me to reboot the guild and even if he did, I don't think i'm the right caliber to lead any sort of guild. again, 95% of the accounts haven't logged on in ages.

    Now, this might sound greedy, but i'm being economical here and i'm going to discuss this with the guild master as well. generally expected is that the expansion will be around in a few months, given the speed of updates in the current patch cycle. we have a 7 tab guild with mostly crap, but also a medium amount of time sensitive material: cut gems, enchanting mats, cooked food, stuff like that. if the current GM approves of it, my plan is to put the items which could be worth something up for auction, take a small % of the profits (intent is 5-10%) and put the rest of the gold back on the guild bank. Again, i'm not doing this for personal gain, because that would be abuse of my personal trust. I want to stop those items from going to waste, and I want the guild to have somewhat of a backdrop for if we were to reform.

    I don't know if this would be something acceptable. I will discuss it with the GM of course, but other than that, I'm not going to act on impulses for this.
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    I dont see a problem here, since your effort is required to sell these mats. The mats should sell higher, cause everybody is progressing and the demand for mats should be higher now than in february.

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    Do it. It's not like anyone will -actually- ever use those mats anyways if you don't sell them.

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    Honestly if your guild only has 3 members, I don't see why you don't use those items as a little leverage to have a guild merger so you can actually do stuff.
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    do you know how many "dead" guild are out there, with a loaded Gbank filled tabs with all sort of junk.
    i know at least 3 guilds that has filled guild banks and nothing happening with that stuff.
    only on 1 guild tho i am allowed to take 3 items a day.

    only taking the items i need :P leave the rest. not interrested selling all that stuff. still got bank alts that are loaded with junk that is intented to be sold. but simply cba with it.

    imo you should do it without telling him^^

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    Do it before the next patch is released, otherwise the value of the items will drop dramatically.

    As for the guild situation, reform would involve mailing a warning to each of the members telling them that if they are not logged in within the next week, they will be kicked. Then bring in new members and train up for the next expansion. Make sure you have a policy explained to everyone that Incatactivity for more than a month is unacceptable without prior explanation (ie, vacation).

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