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    The music, the atmosphere, the art, the detail, the sense of drama and tragedy, family secrets, and so on. I loved it all to bits.
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    Karazhan and quite possibly zul gurub 60

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    I think I like SoO the most. It's a really good raid. I thought 14 bosses would be too much for my guild to raid in with the limited time we have, but we're already on HC modes thanks to the linear progression of difficulty. Garrosh was still harder than any other fight in ToT on normal though, which was very enjoyable.
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    1. SSC. I loved diving into the lake in Zangarmarsh and resurface in the cave to see my guild waiting, dueling. I liked the caverns and underground lakes in SSC. Boss fights were really fun, Hydross, Lurker, Morogrim with the murlocs! and Leothoras. It was great fun.
    2. Karazhan. Great architecture, music, bosses, trash, everything.
    3. not a raid, but: BRD. One word, EPIC! The enormous size and depth and the challenge of BRD made it one of my favorite instances. Even the outside of the instance was epic.

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    1. Dragon Soul because it was my first real raid. Did normal a lot towards the end of 4.3 just to get Gurthalak for my PvP warrior.
    2. I loved 5-6 manning ICC in Cata. Lich king still gave us trouble since we were all noobs. Loved the music and atmosphere and I think I liked it a lot more because doing a cool raid with just your best mates is way cooler than 10 mans and 25. And I've always loved Undead theme in games.
    3. Ulduar was nice as well

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    I can't gave an order of preference, but here's mine :

    Karazhan, lovely atmosphere and architectre (probably still the best on this point). And the ONLY SINGLE raid clearly made for 10 players in the game, and that clearly had a huge impact on the design.

    Ulduar, like everbody, amazing place, excellent boss. Creatives harmodes (even some multi layer hard mode with more than just on/off binary choice)

    ZG/ZA, I'm still in love of the old troll raids. Always amazing places with a deep flavor (of troll).

    Black temple. Because it was HUGE, and Illidan

    BWD, the place wasn't that awesome (even if not bad at all). But the bosses were just amazingly fun to fight. Maybe the best bosses mechanics imo (with ulduar HM style would have been perfection).
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    I love seeing everyone's responses, I like the wide variety of responses. Of course there is a lot of Kara/Uld but they were fantastic raids. I'm enjoying SoO so far and it is truly awesome, hopefully as I delve deeper it can regain the epicness that I expect in some of the premier WoW raids.

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    Favourite raid of all time? Icecrown Citadel.


    I love the ambience and the setting of the citadel, and it was also the first Heroic raid I did with a proper raiding guild.
    Besides, you got to go up against the Lich King. Cataclysm arrived before we got him down on heroic though.

    Haven't raided properly in MoP, so I don't know how good those raids actually are. And LFR does not count.
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    Ulduar for a few reasons...

    1. Epic in terms of scenery/location. It really felt like a RAID. It was massive, and beautiful. You knew Blizzard put a ton of effort into it and it showed.

    2. Good lore. Titans and Old Gods are always interesting. Raids are always better when you care about what's going on.

    3. Awesome bosses. Flame Leviathan was easy but fun with all the vehicles. Mimiron was difficult in terms of raid coordination. Hodir really pushed your DPS. And Yogg-Saron all around was one of the best designed end bosses ever.

    4. Non-linear. Huge sticking point for me. I mean yeah some of the bosses you had to do in order, like FL first, Vezax second last, etc. but if you wanted you could skip some like Council, Razorscale, and Ignis, or do the Titans in any order you wanted(so if you wanted to push HM for one you could).

    5. It was hard, but not overly so. The difficulty curve was pretty nice. You could pug or be in a casual group and still get some bosses down, and the later bosses + HMs were tough even for the best raid groups. It wasn't pull your hair out hard nor was it faceroll easy.

    6. The music. I know it sounds a little silly, but the soundtrack of Ulduar was just amazing. Fit perfectly with the zone and really pumped you up to kill things.

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    Favourite raid of all time? Icecrown Citadel.


    I absolutely love the Sindy encounter. My guild at the time was stuck on that for a while (though not as long as PP), people seemed stupefied by how ice blocks worked. Many laughs were had.
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    1) kara - large, creative, diverse, challenging, and just plain fun. This raid had it all!!!

    2) BT - Not as challenging as the t5 content but a fitting and satisfying finale to Illidan's reign.

    3) ICC - Ya it overstayed it's welcome but hc PP and hc LK are 2 of my favorite fights ever!!
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    Ulduar. Just.. Ulduar. Everything about it.

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    Karazhan was my favorite. I liked the whole funhouse castle feel to it, and it had some unique fights. It was also one of the few raids I could do for months on end without getting bored.

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    Personally I enjoyed Kara, Ulduar, and ZA.

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    After playing through WC:3, the frozen throne, reading the books, and paying attention to every single WotLK quest ever, Icecrown citadel is by far my most favorite raid of all time. Powerful story, jaw dropping boss fights, best warrior armor set ever, it was totally RADICAL!!!

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    Black Temple, I just loved the ich to finally fight Illidan & story that led up to it.

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    Karazhan, Serpentshrine Cavern, Ulduar, and I'm falling in love with SoO. I'm sure in 5 weeks I'll be back here talking about how I hate it.

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