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    Mine did for a bit but now we just do it for achievements, some of the stuff in there was too good to pass up the first few weeks and definitely helped with our progression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
    I'm hesitant to say we "encourage" it because I think that carries a slight implication of expectation. But, we realize most of our raiders care enough about our success that they do everything they can to contribute, which means maximizing themselves, which means filling in gear slots with flex. To facilitate this, we organize Flex runs on some of our off nights. But, again, they're 100% optional and only official raid nights count.
    I voted that Flex is mandatory, but thought I'd explain.

    Basically it's like in Count Zero's guild. It isn't really mandatory but when people need crucial upgrades like trinkets or a missing Tier piece, it's expected of them to do Flex. We run multiple Flex groups every week, some are pure guild runs and some we have to pug to fill the spots. If someone isn't running Flex on his/her main at all, it's because they only need minor Heroic upgrades like bracers, belt, ring and neck.

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    My guild does not require Flex or LFR, but for heroic progression we do sit people who are not actively pursuing serious upgrades (trinkets/weapons/tier pieces) since they are usually going to be lower on the meters and do not show as much dedication to the core team as others. Getting a bracer upgrade of 6 ilvls in LFR? I really don't care to make my raiders run an hour long LFR for that, but its a different story if your BiS trinket is off one of those bosses, and people are highly encouraged to pursue things like that.

    We do a guild flex run on Sundays that is optional but encouraged as we do achievements and it is usually a fun time for us to mess around on the easier bosses. That said, the people showing up to flex raid also happen to be the people that are usually the best raiders (with the exception of our warlock who cant make Flex because of his work schedule but is still a very good raider and is always there for regular raid times ready to go) so its a pretty good idea to show up if you want a progression spot.

    TL;DR: No but it is encouraged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    WoW is a single player game to me because I don't like guild drama and all my friends have quit or gone on a break until the next expansion.

    I don't see what the problem with this is.
    Well, other people will be glad to tell you how to play. This is after all WoW.

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    Not really. However, the casual or alt run changed from being a Normal run in ToT to being Flex for SoO due to aiming to get more players interested and a need for those in the alt team like me to get better gear for Normals. It worked, and also many of the main team often come on their main characters for gear, which means we're doing well Whilst I personally want to move onto Normals, the second team probably isn't ready for it, as it often has a varying roster and with that most people need gear.

    Due to me being one of the tanks whose regularly available at the moment, I'm often there, and whilst its not officially mandatory, I feel a need to be there for it. Also after getting my DK some more gear and ready for Normals I can start using my Paladin or Warrior Tanks for Guild Flex Runs, which means I'll be able to swap if needed. Furthermore I have a Healer and DPS if required for it.

    None of them really care too much if you do LFR given how hellish it can be.

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    It's not mandatory, but frowned upon if you don't try to improve your character as much as you can for the raids. Like for example, if someone has alot of work or study to do in a week, it's perfectly fine if they don't do LFR/Flex. But it's not very nice if you're leveling your alt while the guild organises a flex raid that your main still needs upgrades from. We're an average heroic guild at 5/14 btw.

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    We just arrange it, and people can show up if they want. Didn't get it done yesterday since we missed 2 tanks at the time it should set off. I was one of the missing ones, sleeping, with my head on my table, at that time <.<
    No need to make it mandatory i think. We're casual. Raid twice pr week 5-6 hours overall depending on when people show up, are more than halfway, and have a a great many months left to complete it. has never been a race for me, and never will be. I try to do what i can to get better gear, but don't think everybody should.
    Trying to do flex so we can get it going with alts soon enough, since most have something they would like better gear on.
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    We are doing Flex every week on non-raiding days (weekends, usually) for our casual guildies. Some raiders go there with their mains, some are gearing their alts, but its up to their own will, nobody force them to do that runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by l33t View Post
    We are doing Flex every week on non-raiding days (weekends, usually) for our casual guildies. Some raiders go there with their mains, some are gearing their alts, but its up to their own will, nobody force them to do that runs.
    Exactly our situation aswell.

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    First few weeks people were happy to come since they had good upgrades. Now people still do it, but we dont have real "guild groups" anymore. People run it with decent pugs at the moment I think. I would say about 70% of our raiders still run Flex.

    LFR? I doubt anyone goes there on his main.

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    We encourage it, and actually took one of our 3 raid nights and turned it into Flex (we don't run Flex other days), but even then we only do one wing generally (we only raid about 2 hours or so) depending on what one people need the most gear out of. I've seen some other guildies doing the other Flex wings, but they never seem to ask or let me know about it, they just find one on their own. I think I need to start looking at OpenRaid (I've tried oQueue but it seems too spammy and confusing to use)
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    No, we had events for flex the first two weeks for those who wanted to see the fights a day before we started normal but nothing mandatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    What is the point in that? You might as well go play single player games.
    Have you ever been burned out with organised raiding after years and years of doing it? Because I did. However, with LFR and Flex I can log on whenever the hell I feel like playing - whether it's once a week or several nights in a row - and still feel like I'm working towards something.

    Just because the ilvl is lower than normal/heroic doesn't mean I still don't enjoy upgrading my gear.
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    seems like a waste of a raid night.

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    It is not mandatory, but widely encouraged by leadership and fellow raiders for certain players who can use short-time upgrades as supplements for progression (usually during early progression for set bonuses / certain trinkets / weapons etc.)
    Our guild also runs atleast 1 full flex clear per week, can be 2 full clears if people come on alts.

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    We raid thursday + sunday and use wednesday to do a little twink/friend-flexrun through everything.

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    Weekend runs, MMO-Champion.
    MMO-Champion, weekend runs.

    Shake hands please.

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    I encourage our raiders to do flex and we run it as a guild every Thursday but we do not require it.
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    I voted Flex Required but it's not as cut and dry as that.

    If you sign up, you show up. That way we know how many people we're working with. If you have a major upgrade you need that could come from Flex, I imagine the higher ups would see it as a bit lazy if you didn't do flex at all.

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    We have an additional raid day since flex on mondays but it is not forced to participate. Most of the guys (including myself) join these raids with alts.

    LFR is not needed since we cleared ToT last patch and therefore already had better gear then LFR drops (you need the valor points to upgrade the normal gear, therefore nothing left for LFR or Flex loot).

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