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  • Flex

    27 9.96%
  • LFR

    3 1.11%
  • Both Flex & LFR

    12 4.43%
  • None

    229 84.50%
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    None, we couldn't care less about lfr and flex isn't an upgrade for most of our raiders.

    Some of us do a cross-realm flex group with friends cross-realm for achievements & minor upgrades / alts

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    Heroic raid with mains, flex and normal with alts only if we want to, no lfr

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    I don't know how to describe guilds anymore since last tier 13/13hc guilds were called "semi-casual" and shit but anyway.. We are 4/14hc at the moment and we don't require anyone to run flex or lfr anymore. We do run flex sometimes for fun though and to get alts geared but since we never actually use alts for anything serious it's not even close to mandatory.

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    Is there some way to tell if you ran them or not?

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    As the guildleader of a semi hardcore 25man I do expect my raiders to run flex for large upgrades, especially trinkets. I organise a run myself on an offday, if people cant come I expect them to join a pug trough openraid/oqueue whenever it suits them. If a caster hasn't done flex immerseus when he's running around with a 530 ToT trinket he has a problem because he appearantly can't be bothered getting a 20k+ dps upgrade by spending 30 minutes in flex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    Is there some way to tell if you ran them or not?
    Yup, you can check total kills in their armory profile for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    I'm curious, how many of your raid leaders insist that you clear Flex and/or LFR each week for extra gear to use in normal mode?

    My guild makes Flex a requirement, and organizes weekly runs of it on top of our 3 day a week normal schedule. LFR is also encouraged but is not mandatory. Because of this I'm already getting sick of Siege of Orgrimmar and we're only a couple of weeks in to the patch...
    We make flex mandatory when the group is obviously NOT understanding the fight. We go in and do up to that boss on flex and it has seemed to make a good effect.
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    My guild organizes a Flex clear every Friday but it's never required.

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    My casual guild required me to run both flex and lfr on top of 3 raids a week. Our progress is 2/14 normal. After sitting in LFR queue for 2 hours, I just gave up. That was too much for me on top of college and moving. I only ran flex that week. The week after that an officer contacted me that I should do my best more and run lfr too.
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    LFR? No! It makes people worse. There's no point in them getting better gear if they start getting used to standing in fire, and doing it will just lead to burnout. There's one or two that still need gear for alts, but we'll be discouraging folks from going soon (we don't require valor cap either so theres no excuse to go)

    Flex is for when we don't have enough people on, and / or none-raid days for alts etc. Or sometimes we'll kill a certain boss, realise we don't have the setup for next and go flex. Certainly not required.
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