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  • Astral Twister

    24 60.00%
  • Celestial Energy

    5 12.50%
  • Arcane Stream (Tron)

    9 22.50%
  • Ancient Arcanum

    6 15.00%
  • Other: (Veiw posts)

    3 7.50%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodeas View Post
    Yes, let's make the game look like it did 5 years ago.

    I don't have any issue, technical or whatever with the overload of animations, not in 25 raids, not on events on the Isle, not anywhere. After so many years, I want my mage to actually look like one. When I go Fire I want the ground beneath me to be scorched, when I throw huge boulders of fire I want the air to make them way, when I go Frost I want to attack with something more visually threatening than a frostbolt that looks like a snowball and an ice needle, when I go Arcane I want to wield energy itself (think StarCraft archons) and disintegrate things. Why can't we have nice things?
    My thoughts exactly. Well said.

    So much potential in this class to be awesome and yet we are trolled by our own. Just think if we could finally have spells that matched the intensity of the Diablo 3 Mage.

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    The last place you look
    i liked the old one )=

    arcane charges tho

    make it like the visual for this, 1 ring for each charge
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombiebob
    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
    Quote Originally Posted by cutterx2202 View Post
    Stop complaining to solve your lack of ability, and start reading and practicing to gain ability. Stop trying to bring people down to your level instead of striving to raise yours.

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    Love the tron style animation!

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    Invocation Idea: Spectral/Arcane Energy gets collected from the area around you to your hands.
    Rune of Power Idea: Like the gift of norgannon pretty much, although it was a pretty nice animation already though.

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