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    Need urgent help to correct my uselessness!!!!!

    Hi, I've been playing holy pally for a few years and have never been brilliant if i'm honest but I seem to be getting further and further behind my fellow healers in this expansion.

    I prio mastery over haste as I have tried and tested the haste prio and found I was worse. I use reforgelite to help me a little with reforging and I have followed icy veins with regard to gemming and enchanting.

    Here is the link to my most recent raid (flex though i'm afraid but you get the idea) worldoflogs.com/reports/x4rtgfmrtaiyd15m/sum/healingDone/

    This is my armoury eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kilrogg/Lils/simple

    Any help you could give me would be brilliant, also if you could let me know what kind of hps i SHOULD be doing for a 535 ilevel pally.

    Cheers x

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    Oh, missed that one, will repost in there.

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    Seeing as you already got the info for the proper thread, I'll close this out.

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