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    Whats better in 5.4 rshaman or holy priest?

    I'm looking to be a competitive healer in 5.4 and want to level a new healer people tell me to get a resto shaman or holy priest i dont know what to do, I love to rbg do 2s and 3s. If its not an easy decision tell me which 1 is easier to master. Please help me thank you all.

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    If you want to be a competitive healer, then it shouldn't be a problem which class is easier. Both have their ups and downs. As I only play MW monk and my priest is at lvl 82, I can't give much of an opinion besides looking which class you'd enjoy more.

    Rshams have some nice utility ranging from ranged stuns, interrupts to freedoms. They also have -extremely- strong healing throughput and A LOT of cooldowns. I guess I could say rshams are the cooldown heavy healers out there.

    Holy Priest has really nice CC, really strong instant heals and decent aoe healing aswell due to PoM. Lightwell helps when you're CCd, but is generally killed when you put it up. So you'll have to play lightwell smart. I guess I could also say holy priests rely less on CDs as they only have two real big healing CDs, which are lightwell and guardian.

    Both are pretty difficult to master. As a priest you have to be more aware of your opponents CC (I think) because you can avoid a lot of it with sw:death and spirit guise. As shaman you can negate a lot of CC with tremor totem, grounding totem and wind shear.

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    Resto Shamans and Resto Druids are probably the superior healers in 3s right now. Priests feel like they are the best depending on comp.
    Just get a warrior or an uhdk and enjoy your rating getting higher each game

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    Both have reasonably high skillcaps, both are arguably the better healer in 2s and 3s at the moment, both run different comps.

    They are neck and neck in most respects. Priests have less healing output but are less susceptible to cleaves and bring more CC to the table than Shamans do. Pick whichever healer playstyle you enjoy most.

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    Holy Priest by miles.

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    Holy priests have severe mana issues. The longer the game goes the worse it gets for holy. Resto shaman is competitive and has great regen to keep up.

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    holy priests are fukkin insane in 3s atm with good team mates (you really do need good team mates).. not a lot can compete with it.. mana is not an issue either if you don't waste it.. you can heal tons without doing fukk all sometimes lal... far more fun than disc is in pvp... so glad holy is doing good in pvp, my fave spec by far....

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    I've played my priest for 2 weeks now, been on a 2 year break before that. Coming into arena I see that the metagame has changed a lot of course, but the one thing I'm starting to realize is that you're very comp heavy. My rogue friend that I played above 2.2k with 2-3 years ago whom I consider very good is playing with me again as of yesterday. We still need to get back into the style of things but we just barely scratch 1800 atm. A lot of comps are just downright disgusting to meet.

    I have no clue what playing a restosham is like, but mastering a priest is gonna take time, know that. And be prepared to play a lot of priest vs priest mindgaming. Who uses what spell when is crucial.

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    Oh and as far 3v3 goes, warrior/mage/healer seems to be the downright best comp.
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    I've left this open for long enough but pick my class threads are not allowed. Closing this.

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