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    Damn, everyone has it and try to show off like crazy, but ... everyone got this. Theres nothing to show off :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morothiah View Post
    Damn, everyone has it and try to show off like crazy, but ... everyone got this. Theres nothing to show off :P
    I guess everyone but you? :P

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    The only reason i made the sky golem was to herb with it on my rogue alt considering i'm alliance and don't have a druid to farm with, i was hoping this would be an equalizer allowing me to herb and not dismount, but given how wildly the mount swings from side to side it's freaking annoying to try and land on a node to herb it. After about 5 minutes i was over it, not only is it a pain in the ass for farm with the side to side swaying, barrel rolls and the flying forward imo makes it the worst mount out here

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    It's an okay mount. I used Smite's Compass + Giant Growth Elixir on a gnome to stomp around with it for like half an hour to show off and whatnot, but I'm done with it now. The swerving back and forth is cool for about two seconds until you realize it makes it needlessly difficult to steer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mear View Post
    The swaying was abit annoying in the beginning but got used it, was my favorite mount before I got it and I love it even more now.
    Same happened to me, I didn't like at first but now I see it as a perk! A personal game of mine is to fly it near pillars trying to not hit them, but make it appear to fly through the other side of the pillar than it "really" is, if that makes any sense. Beats listening to /trade.

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    Then why did you buy it/keep it for yourself when there have obviously been examples of the mount flying. If anything, the wonky animations is what makes the mount stand out of the rest.

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    One of the coolest mounts in the game

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    My friend feels the same way you do, OP.

    Luckily, he didn't get one. I did, and I love it. It's my go-to mount for long flights and it's a hilariously fun ground mount for alts.

    If I'm doing anything where I do need that precision, I go with my X-53 Touring Rocket.

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    To me it's not just a mount, but more like a Space Marine Warcraft Hybrid suit! Hehe and I love it for that.

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    Got mine today. The swaying is quite annoying but I can get used to it because it is quite an awesome mount. I see it and think of it as a Goblin version of Buzz Lightyear

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    You get used to the swaying, and actually I now love the swaying What other mount does little loops mid flight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lushious View Post
    That's goblin engineering for you
    'nuff said

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    They should add a stabilizer switch to it =/
    I'd prefer to have swaying distance down by at least half, it gets confusing to see where you actually are.
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    The swaying side to side as it flies took a few minutes to get used to.

    After a week, I don't even notice it anymore.

    I think you're making a big deal out of nothing. It's a fun mount to fly around. If you don't like it, don't use it?

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    I'm a bit of a mount snob (I hate most of them). Anymore, there is rarely a truly unique mount. I laugh at every Cataclysm stone drake because they're no different than previous drakes. Or the terrible proto drake rehashes that came out of Firelands. The serpents were semi-cool when they first came out, but the rarest of them all is still just the same serpent.

    The Sky Golem is truly unique. Blizzard could have been lazy and cut nearly all of the animations from this mount and made it fly in the same straight boring line as every other mount in the game.

    The animations when it takes off, lands, flys, rolls, sways (like a true out of control rocket), "dodges" objects, amazing.

    Kudos to Blizzard for doing something different.

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    They are down to 40k on my server
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    I agree with the OP it is a pain and I too wish I had sold mine.....

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    Looks really dumb sold all 3 of mine. I'll probably make one next xpac and learn it but I can't see why anybody would ever wanna ride this thing.

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    I liked the mount when it was first datamined but when everyone and their dogs got one, I thought it was pretty lame. I just don't like when half the people in Shrine are flashing one around, loses it's uniqueness

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoooter View Post
    It's really wonky when it flies, constantly swinging back and forth (with the occasional barrel roll). It's hard to get a bearing on exactly which direction you're heading because it's never centered on screen. This makes it really difficult to say, fly into a small doorway or land on top of something with the precision of a normal mount. Most times you'll clip into walls and object you fly alongside as it does the swing animation.

    Then when you're on the ground, the thing shakes like crazy. It makes me feel like I have low blood sugar just watching it. I definitely don't see this being a mainstay mount for me.

    Anyway, just my feelings on it and to say buyer/binder beware. How do you feel about it?
    When I first flew with it I felt the same but I kind got used to the flying back and forth. Now I also agree that it wont let even small races go into doorways which blizz should change but it does take some getting used to and maybe thats not what a mount should do but I like it(not for the getting used to part). Actually the thing that had me interested the most was the under water breathing that it had on ptr but I guess that was either just a bug or it made it to op. Honestly you should be able to stay mounted while mining to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morothiah View Post
    Damn, everyone has it and try to show off like crazy, but ... everyone got this. Theres nothing to show off :P
    Every engineer has made one in 30 days now you will have to wait another 30 days before they can make another if you want one but couldnt get one.
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