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    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    2 more days til i can make mine!!!!

    whats the cheapest anyone has seen it being sold for? On my server on first day the lowest i saw was 45k...seems so cheap for such an awesome mount.
    I've seen them as low as 37k on Frostmourne US.

    OT: I'm not a fan of it at all. Same deal as Mimiron's Head I just don't like flying in robotic gnomes or goblins. I prefer to fly on a dragon or a magic carpet

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    It really is more and more annoying that it sways around, a little bit wouldnt be that bad but this is just too much as you cant make anything that requires precision with it, like flying in a doorways top so youll be able to fly inside as far as possible if you understand etc.

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    Options are great, everybody love options. So if Blizz truly wants to try something new, they'll add modifications to mounts, especially now that with the introduction of Sky Golem they feature unconventional flight animation and mechanics other than getting around faster. I would change the coloring, switch herb-gathering to mining and make the damn thing fly straight. I don't mind if it requires another 30 days worth of Jards to happen. I remember someone suggested mods for the Hog back in Wrath and I loved the idea then too.

    I'm hopeful something like this may actually happen at some point, as Blizz is on a roll of introducing new features, such as pet battle, Brawler's guild, Proving grounds, the different cooking paths, friendships, Sunsong ranch, even archaeology. Mount modification could be a secondary profession or a Sunsong ranch -esque location that's entirely flavor-based and in no way "mandatory" for progression.
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