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    Grievous gear on timeless isle

    Was watching a stream and this Hunter got a grievous glove drop from doing this niuzao ox quest thing.

    How do I do that and can it be done with a somewhat freshly dinged 90?

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    You can get pvp gear from any of the Celestial bosses on timeless isle. You don't even have to be 90. Just run up and punch one of them in the face when a raid is attacking and you might get tier 16 or pvp gear.

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    Can each boss only drop loot once per toon?

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    One boss, once a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomGreen View Post
    Can each boss only drop loot once per toon?
    The four Celestial bosses share a single weekly loot drop. You can get loot from the first one you defeat per week (and another if you use a bonus roll), but after the first defeat none of them will drop anything for that character again until the next raid reset.

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    Just like The Mushan dude and Sha of Kun-lai. A leveler can throw a spear and pull down loot. Twice a week (once on kill, second with warforged coin).

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