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    I think the best option would be to add ways that make leveling more difficult but overall much faster if done correctly. I'm not exactly sure of a way that this could be done well though.

    An optional buff that for example might increase your XP from mobs by 5%, reduce your damage by 1% and increasing damage taken by 4% or so per stack. Each mob you kill without any assistance adds to this buff and cap it at 50 stacks or so, resetting on death. Encourages players to be careful while leveling, adds danger and has a notable detractor if a player dies (which at the moment is non-existent).

    Another idea might be to implement solo scenarios for leveling. Already had them on the 5.3 isle, having them for leveling could be interesting. Sort of a difficult but one time only story.

    Finally as was mentioned above, zone wide mini-bosses would be kind of cool as well. To do it well though you would need to have them be phased after you get too many levels above their appropriate target, just so bringing a max level player doesn't become the intended way to kill them.

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    Other than raiding for the first time with my guild in Icecrown Citadel, my favourite times playing were back when I started, afaik it was a few months before the dungeon finder was released.

    There was no in-game quest guide, I had no idea how to install add-ons and the lack of dungeon finder meant I didn't enter my first dungeon until around level 40 or so, one of the first being blackrock depths. Everything took so much longer and a lot more effort (and corpse running), but it all added to the feeling of being a huge MMO.

    I just feel now everything seems to streamlined and is aimed at getting from A to B the fastest and most efficient way possible, which I understand is what a lot of people want, especially after completing the levelling process 3-4 times already. I also understand you can just ignore the dungeon finder and turn off the quest guide, however its now almost impossible to arrange any dungeon run other than through the dungeon finder, other than perhaps the end-game ones, which then are only for loot farms or gear farms.

    Truth be told, I really don't know what they should do to solve this, but hey I don't get paid big bucks to think of these things, also that rambling was probably just nostalgia kicking in 'cause I'm pretty bored of the game and the direction its going at the moment.

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    Leveling in TBC felt like an adventure. Lots of hard mobs to kill, needed groups and people were willing to help you (which developed into friendship sometimes), mobs didn't die in 1 second, had to go back to the trainers and cities a lot (I liked a reason to go back). Now it's too dumbed down and faceroll which is needed to some degree so people don't quit because it's too hard, but back then it was an awesome adventure. It's still really good now, but the epicness has diminished imo.

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    Go with the old Vanilla/TBC style of questing, and players need to get it into their head that some loremaster achievements would require you killing real elite mobs instead of the 'jokes' we have now in Pandaria

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    Leveling isn't supposed to be challenging, though.

    Its an unspoken agreement between most MMO developers and their consumers that at the very least they can hit the level cap. A more challenging leveling experience doesn't interest me in the slightest; I'd rather have more varied and interesting quests that don't involve collecting a bunch of stuff.

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    Make leveling as hard as it used to be in vanilla... lol jk, even I hated how hard it was. No but seriously, the difficulty to level needs to be raised. Not saying raise exp, but BoA's make the game too damn easy. You can use 1 ability throughout 1-58 and not struggle at any given time. If they somehow managed to increase the difficulty, i'd next ask for them to put elite quests back in the game.
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    I just love to level and I think Blizzard should think of a way to add challenging content that we can do all the way to level cap.

    I think more varied quests and stuff like class quests and low level scenarios would be a brilliant idea to make some variation, but Blizzard should add difficult dungeons/scenarios and add some optional hard quests so it isn't some boring and easy grind to high level. I want to be so pulled in by the leveling experience that I wouldn't even notice that I'm not the level cap yet, better yet, not even notice that I have reached level cap haha.

    I felt exactly like that leveling 70-80 in wrath, but the reason why I was so into leveling at that time was because I loved the lore and the environments in that expansion. I couldn't get into the lore in MOP. BC just felt unorganized to me and the lore was still not that great for me. and Cata had a fun leveling experience from 1-60 at times but 80-85 wasn't great either. I hardly remember Vanilla since I was about 12 years old and had zero patience... haha

    And to the people who say "Just take off your armor and make it difficult." I don't want to feel forced to make the game more difficult, I also don't want to feel unrewarded for doing so. I'd rather have Blizzard say "Looking for harder content? Well you CAN do these if you'd like and you might get some neat stuff from it too!" rather than me saying "Man, this is so easy! I'm going to take my shoulder pads off and try this quest." Because there is no benefit for me doing that, and It also ruins my immersion on my character.
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    I think mobs where you should pay attention to what they do, not necessarily HARD ones, just a little thought involved, would make the leveling process a lot less dull. I fail to bring more friends to WoW or even leveling alts because of how boring it actually is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vholu View Post
    I think mobs where you should pay attention to what they do, not necessarily HARD ones, just a little thought involved, would make the leveling process a lot less dull. I fail to bring more friends to WoW or even leveling alts because of how boring it actually is.
    I agree, most of my friends and family don't even want to play this game EVER again, because how easy and dull it has gotten in some areas (mostly questing and some end game content... *cough* raid finder *cough*)

    I really like that adventure mode idea posted earlier, where you can kinda phase into a harder questing world. If you could get rewarded a title (Like Adventurer or Quest Master) then that would be fantastic, though how difficult it would be, I'm not sure.

    I'm going to edit some of your guys' ideas into my top post, so everyone can see all of them.

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    Alternative or additional ways to do quests for better rewards.

    Let's say you have a quest to kill 6 Boars, the quest log will show 0/6. However you can also turn in Boar Meat when you turn in the Kill quest and you'll be given either more xp, more loot or superior buff food (That isn't Stam/Spirit). Or let's say you have to kill 10 Wolves, again the quest log would show 0/10 for Wolves and you could simply do that. However, there could also be a Alpha Wolf that patrols around the general area or several of them scattered at specific points, that if you killed it would give you something extra.

    Quote Originally Posted by Attackrabbit View Post
    An option that means you can die whilst levelling would be a good start
    The only time I've ever died while leveling was in Elwynn Forest trying to kill the Defias Rare near the old Rogue Docks area without BoAs on a non-healer class. You can't single pull them effectively without trying to run enough so that the rest reset while the one you're trying to kill doesn't. Other than that, once you start getting Greens from quests you just never die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayFox View Post
    You see, attitudes like that make me a bit sad. Though I agree if you are leveling a alt for high level purposes leveling should be as quick as possible, but for a new player or someone who enjoys leveling (like me.)
    Well, the amount of real 'new" players, no resubbed ones, is abysmal since ... years?. There should be an instant 90 button, maybe it will bring back some of the lost subs.

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    Blizzard should just have done an elite quest chain in every low level zone. Good/op class could try to solo it, players could group to do it (with oq not that hard nowaydays to find people), or coming back with more level for people just wainting the story.

    Add to this quest chain a good story (on ~20-25 quests) and maybe an epic at the end (rejoice, low level epic again like in vanilla).

    A somewhat easy way to spice a little leveling. Some dev time clearly, but well spent and should have been done in cata redo instead of destroying every single elite quest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trauma443 View Post
    Well, the amount of real 'new" players, no resubbed ones, is abysmal since ... years?. There should be an instant 90 button, maybe it will bring back some of the lost subs.
    Instant 90 button would be okay if you had a certain amount of maxed out characters, though I think a lot of people would rage about it except the select few who hate leveling THAT much.

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    I loved doing the elite group quests back before TBC came out. A lot of times it was me and my buddy, and we would just go find the hardest ones and see if we could do them by ourselves. Was great fun.

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    I'd suggest a "pick'n'mix" selection of ways to make the game harder in exchange for faster levelling. You can activate the ones you like and leave the ones that don't suit your playstyle.

    A few examples:

    - death penalty: 10% xp bonus, but increased repair costs and -xp if you die. 1 day cooldown on toggle.

    - class challenges: instead of getting your abilities automatically you have to perform a spec-appropriate challenge (e.g. like proving grounds or the purple cape challenge). Succeeding grants you a 1 hour 100% xp buff.

    - increased mob respawn: mobs respawn much quicker around you (this requires phasing so they're only there for you) so that you constantly have to watch your back. In exchange you get 10% xp buff. 1 day cooldown on toggle.

    - general mob buff: more damage and more hp for all mobs (applied once you tag them) in exchange for a 10% xp buff.

    - extra mob abilities: mobs that you fight are randomly allocated an additional ability in addition to all their other abilities (e.g. frontal damage shield, stun, add summon, timeless isle-style cone attacks etc). In exchange you get 10% xp buff.

    - kill-chain bonus: for every mob you kill, every other mob you fight gets a stacking 10% damage and hp buff and you get a stacking 10% xp buff. Stacks reset on death or after 10s out of combat.

    - random additional challenges: you get a companion, who travels with you and randomly assigns you class-based additional objectives whilst fighting mobs (e.g. don't let the healer mob get a heal off, kill 10 little adds within 10 secs, land a killing blow with spell reflect). Every completed challenge gives a decent amount of xp.

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    Maybe scalable zones limited to each expansion, excluding the starting zones. So you can quest anywhere you like at any level. Quest rewards will also scale to your level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omoidaseba View Post
    I'd agree, until people group up with their max lvl buddy...
    Are these the people who are littering forums with comments about how easy it is to level, how it should be more dangerous?

    I don't really think so.
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    @Fortune Cookie.

    Clever idea, though, I don't really care to level faster (I enjoy leveling at my own pace. ) so If I can get awarded other things such as a tougher item (Much like quest rewards.) or a vanity item (transmog gear) I would definitely go for it. For the people who want to level faster, doing difficult content in order to get exp buffs would probably still be the same pace as doing easy content for no experience buff.

    Most people who want to level fast will complain about how they HAVE to do content to level faster, even though its optional. Thats why exp buffs shouldn't be applied to you doing harder content but rather something like how many mains you have or something.

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