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  • I gem, enchant for flex

    52 75.36%
  • I use pots / flasks in flex

    43 62.32%
  • I gem / enchant in lfr

    50 72.46%
  • I use pots / flasks in lfr

    16 23.19%
  • I don't do any of these for lfr / flex

    5 7.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Gems, enchants, flasks and pots

    Poll time.

    Do you gem, enchant and reforge your gear for lfr?

    Do you use pots and flasks for lfr?

    Do you gem, enchant, and reforge for flex?

    Do you use pots and flasks in flex?

    Multiple choice allowed.
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    Brewmaster Ninaran's Avatar
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    All of it for Flex.

    Nothing of it for LFR.

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    I definitely gem, enchant, and reforge all gear cause,'s my gear.

    I don't flask or pot in LFR but I always do both for normal/heroic. Flex depends on whether or not its actual 'progression' for me and my group.

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    The Lightbringer Siri's Avatar
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    I do all of it even for lfr. I have more fun doing it and that stuff is ridiculously cheap anyway.

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    I gem and enchant all gear. I don't use consumables in LFR.

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    for LFR I gem, enchant, reforge my gear. If I notice there is another healer busting their ass, I might flask. I don't pot, because I rarely need to as a healer in LFR.

    I do everything including flask, pots and 300 stat food for flex ( I only run flex with my guild, so I'm not going to waste their time)
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    I gem and enchant all my gear that's equal to or better than dungeon gear. I don't use pots though in LFR or Flex, but I do use my Crystal of Insanity since it's free anyway.

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    I do all of these things for LFR, I see no reason not to, I have multiple alts with proffs to do all these things, and it makes things more fun for myself whilst giving an extra boost to the group as a whole. It also shows people you actually put some thought into your gameplay in my opinion.

    Then again back in TBC when I did raid, I was always fully prepared and would spend hours fishing for all the individual food mats for everyone in the raid lol. I liked fishing back then

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    I enchant and gem all gear over 476 on any character. 10 90s at the moment and with Timeless Isle and it's abundant 496 gear, so I've done a lot of gemming and enchanting lately.

    About consumables, I pot and flask for guild raids (barely done any Flex). I would never flask or pot for LFR. In guild raids we usually have 275 feasts, but I'll use my own 300 food if I'm the only one that still needs food (the Panda kid gives me random free food everyday, might as well use some). If I have any large feasts on me, I'll drop them in LFR.

    Reforging is a different story. I allways do it on my main. I hardly do it on alts though, unless they are way over (or under) hit/exp cap.

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    Why would Gem/Enchant/Reforge be even there, you should be doing it no matter what you're doing assuming you're not expecting an upgrade from like, that raid.

    I Flask/Food for Flexi, just use my Crystal of Insanity for LFR if I ever do it, and of course pre-pot/pot for normal+.

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    Old God Sigma's Avatar
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    LFR / Flex I gem, Pot, enchant and reforge my toons.
    Why ? Because its dirt cheap, and I make enough from selling surplus flasks from my 4 farms / other professions to cover all my characters needs and still make money.
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    Immortal SL1200's Avatar
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    On my main yes. I do all that, gem, reforge, pots, food, flask. Doesn't matter what i'm running even 5 mans. On my alts, It's a different story. I rarely buy gems and enchants for them, and I rarely will use a flask or pot.

    My main is just that. The only character I care about. The rest of them are only there to support him.

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    Herald of the Titans Cyrops's Avatar
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    I don't use pots but I pop a flask for LFR, I run with premade so I have to show off :P

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    Enchant and gem for anything higher than lfr, cheap gems for lfr just to do a tad better but not suffer from spending lots of gold on stupid expensive gems.

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    The Patient Reserk's Avatar
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    I haven't done Flex however I would use pots and gem/enchant for it if I get the opportunity. LFR I will use a pot very rarely if I feel like putting out numbers and I definitely gem/enchant my gear no matter the iLvL because I like to max my gear to its full potential.

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    The Patient
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    I gem, enchant, reforge all gear, all toons, for anything I do-- its part of the fun for me to always be current and updated to the best of my character's ability. I do this for mains and alts alike. This late in the expac and with all major proffs covered by my own toons, its cheap anyhow-- all it costs is my time and effort.
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    Everything but consumables.

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    Herald of the Titans Ihnasir's Avatar
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    I try to gem and enchant all of my alts, but it's made me pretty poor following the release of the Timeless Isle. I haven't really used pots or flasks since Wrath.

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    Old God vindicatorx's Avatar
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    I gem and enchant all gear no matter the ilvl it doesn't cost much if anything and I personally think only jackasses who are cheapskates don't

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    Unless I have a Character who I know will be replacing gear left right and center I gem and enchant it fully. However my newly leveled Shaman isn't getting gems and enchants on some items, such as 496 Timeless Isle junk because of the amount of drops possible to get via Heroic Scenarios, ToT or SoO. E.g. earlier today I did Norushen and Sha of Pride on LFR and got a Trinket, Shield and Wrist, replacing 476, 502 and 496 ilvl Items.

    In terms of Flasks and Pots I have hardly every used them. I usually use Crystal of Insanity, which I have on 8/9 Characters for LFR. If I do a Flex or Normal raid I'll use a Flask and Feast. Forget Potions

    Regarding Gemming and Enchanting, its something that everybody should do. Being Ungemmed and Unechanted is the right path for being kicked from a group. You want to be taken to raids and such at least make sure you're gear is optimized. I know people who have been refused invites because they do not gem and enchant for Flex and kicked from LFR due to it, and also poor output.

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