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    Holiday Events in WoW - How would you improve them?

    It really gets me how little love the holiday events have received in recent years.

    I remember back in Vanilla, how magical the Winter Veil felt. Lots of things to discover, lots of emphasis on snow and other cosy themes (such as the quest for Metzen in Alterac).

    If there was one thing I would really have Blizzard do to update the Winter Veil, it would be this:

    The Season of Giving
    Each Winter Veil, the mail boxes of Azeroth will have an additional feature.
    This feature allows you to place one or more items (or gold) of your choosing in a nicely wrapped parcel, and send it to a random recipient.

    There would be some sort of bonus depending on how much you give - something fun and relatively useful to really incite people to share what they don't need.

    Everyone who's subscribed during the Winter Veil will be in the 'lottery' and may receive gifts from the anonymous Santas of Azeroth.

    What would you do to improve any of the Holiday Events of World of Warcraft?
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    I think the way they do events is good enough, the problem is that once you've done it all one year the next year there's really no point and that's a bad design decision.

    Here are some of my ideas and I'm going to use the upcoming Hallow's End as an example for it:

    - Perhaps have some kind of cool story for the event that changes every year. A little quest line that doesn't feel as old as the game itself.

    - Tie them into present happenings during an expansion if possible, to make it feel dynamic and as if it's happening right during this expansion.

    - Make dungeon bosses drop special cosmetic gear, pets and mounts instead of epics that really nobody uses.

    - Yearly feats of strength achievements for completing all the activities for that particular year (Much like anniversary achievements).

    - Themed pet battle tournaments. For example... A Hallow's End Pet Tourney: Players must battle with difficult scary/undead pets with their own team to earn cool rewards (Headless Horsemen's Head as a Pet! )

    - Trick or Treat Solo Scenario: "It's time to pick your scariest costume and head onto the streets of Stormwind/Orgrimmar to scare the locals out of their candy!" - You'd be allowed to pick between a bunch of scary costumes from a leper Gnome right up to Sylvanas. And proper costumes, not silly masks! You'd be running about an instanced version of Stormwind scaring NPCs for their candy. Could even have some special lore NPCs be in there too! A reward from that could be keeping the costume you picked as a cosmetic item that can be transmogged over you gear (think along the lines of the Blizzcon Murloc costume!)

    Stuff like this, really. As someone who's done the achievement for the Violet Proto-drake it really disappoints me that all I can do at these events is try for a mount that never drops and that's it.

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    That's actually quite a nice idea. I would change it a bit and make it so you can send a special holiday item or gold to a person you like, just as in real life, with a Christmas note to make it a bit more special. Although the random idea could work as well.

    I think in general that Holiday events shouldn't be collect x of y, make this pie with these ingredients, find this item etc. Bit more player choice. Brewfest, have the option to make a toast to a certain person or occasion. Or have a drinking game like they have in GW2. Just more interaction options in general. And fun items should have shorter cd's and last longer, like that fireworks you can get from that rare in Pandaria. More things to liven it up.

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