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    Rank SoO bosses by difficulty (normal)

    What the title says basicly

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    Immerseus < Fallen Protectors < Norushen < General Nazgrim < Iron Juggernaut < Galakras < Dark Shaman < Malkorok < Spoils < Siegecrafter Blackfuse < Thok <<<< Paragons of Klaxxi <<<<<< Garrosh

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    DPS (only melee experience)

    Shamans > Garrosh > Seige > Galakras > Paragons > Thok - all the rest are near trivially easy, I couldn't find a way to rank some above the rest in any meaningful way.
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    Garrosh > Paragons > Blackfuse > Thok > Shaman > Malkorok > Spoils > Galakras > Jugger > Nazgrim > Sha > Norushen > Protectors > Immerseus

    Based on overall difficulty (in my opinion)

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    Assuming appropriate gear

    Garrosh>Thok>Spoils>Shamans>Malkorok>Jugger>Nazgrim>Galakras>Paragons>Blackfuse>Sha>Norush en>Protectors>Immerseus
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    From hardest to easiest: Garrosh > Thok > Shamans > Paragons > Nazgrim > Iron Juggernaut > Immerseus.

    Didn't really notice any difference on the other 7 bosses.
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    From easiest to hardest:
    Immerseus-Norushen-fallen protectors-sha of pride-iron juggernaught-siegecrafter-galakras-nasgrim-malkorok-spoils-shamans-klaxxi-thok-garrosh

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    Hey just an idea, shall we give PoV (healer/tank/melee/ranged) and format (10/25 man) with the answers

    25 man as melee, so far the only one that really stumped us was Norushen; but we're only 8/14 atm Iron Juggernaut easiest, so far I think one wipe in 3 kills.
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    10 man tank, easiest > hardest

    sha of pride
    iron juggernaut

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    as a 10 man huntard, from easy to hard:
    sha of pride
    iron juggernaut
    blackfuse (belt duty)


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    Quote Originally Posted by cleaveyoface View Post
    What the title says basicly
    can only speak to the ones we have completed

    Immerseus one shot

    < General Nazgrim two shot

    < Dark Shaman two shot

    < Fallen Protectors took us a few hours

    < Iron Juggernaut took us a few hours

    < Norushen shut us down for a week

    < Galakras still struggle on and off with this one.
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    For my guild:

    Garrosh (progression 7 pulls in ) > Thok (30shot) > Blackfuse (20shot) > Paragons (4shot) > Malkorok (4shot)> Galakras (20shot)> Nazgrim (3shot)> Spoils (7shot)> Shaman (1shot) > Sha (4shot) > Juggernaut (2shot) > Fallen Protectors (2shot) > Norushen (1shot) > Immerseus (2shot)
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    Neglecting group effort and focusing only on my ability to adapt to an encounter..

    Spoils is the hardest because my pet gets stuck in boxes. Other than that, they all felt pretty easy.
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    First 8 > malkorok > spoils > blackfuse > klaxxi > thok >> Garrosh

    The last 3 bosses are still extremely easy though, Garrosh is a massive step up, 35 shot him(half the raid had 522weaps/no soo trinks/no cloaks for 25 of those pulls though) but paragons was a 4-shot, thok 6-shot, etc.

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    I'll take a different approach and use statistics from to answer your question.

    The following difficulty is based on the percentage of guilds that have completed a boss given that they completed the boss before it. From hardest to easiest:
    Garrosh Hellscream 61,89%
    Thok the Bloodthirsty 79,66%
    Galakras 83,68%
    Paragons of the Klaxxi 86,73%
    Spoils of Pandaria 88,17%
    Norushen 89,19%
    Kor'kron Dark Shaman 89,66%
    Malkorok 89,90%
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse 90,65%
    General Nazgrim 93,39%
    Fallen Protectors 93,53%
    Iron Juggernaut 96,16%
    Sha of Pride 97,78%
    Immerseus 98,78% (I'm unsure how arrives at this value though)

    This reflects my own experience well, especially the 5 hardest bosses with Garrosh being much harder than several of the heroic modes we've done so far.

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    immerseus > protectors > sha > iron jugg > norushen > galakras > nazgrim > shamans > spoils > malkorok > seige > paragons > thok > garrosh for us

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    Garrosh trash, hardest boss NA

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    1). Dummy level-> Immerseus, Protectors, Sha, Iron, Spoils
    2), Derp Checks-> Norushen, Galakras, Shamans, Nazgrim, Blackfuse, Malkorok
    3). Some kind of execution-> Thok, Klaxxi
    4) Garrosh... I'd say the only hard one after the first kill.
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    Norushen was a roadblock for 25 man pug, apart from that all fairly simple and equal up to 9/14 with the exception of joke mode Immerseus.

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    In my opinion they were all easyshit until Thok. Siegecrafter was pretty challenging too, after that easy Paragons and challenging Garrosh (didn't killed it yet)
    But that's just my PoV. I started it in item level 547 which is vastly above tuning of the first 6-8 bosses. By the time i got to Garrosh my ilvl jumped to 559, i got weapon, 2 set and both trinkets. And whole guild is like that, breaking 250k dps single target sometimes. So no wonder it's easy for us. Players in sub-520 gear will find nice challenge in first half, sub-540 will have really hard time on Thok and onward.

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