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    What makes Malkorok harder on normal from flex? I would say it is one of the easiest bosses tactics wise in the instance.

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    Malkorok is very easy; not sure why you guys rank him so high.
    Immerseus < Fallen Protectors < Nazgrim < Iron Juggernaut < Norushen = Sha of Pride < Galakras < Malkorok < Spoils < Blackfuse < Dark Shaman < Thok < Paragons <<< Garrosh

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    From a 10m Druid-Tank PoV:

    quite hard to differentiate between most bosses, as most nhc bosses are ridiculously easy to tank. Did them between 540 and 550il, with 3 healers except for siegecrafter, spoils and klaxxi.


    1.Garrosh (if you solo tank p1 and maybe the adds in p3 -damn dps cloak killing the adds and therefore buffing them)


    2. Klaxxi (not hard, but I tend to get aggro from everything, especially nice with 6+ debuffs from the wrong guy)
    3. Shamans (not really hard, but "harder" then most)


    4. Siegefuse (simple taunt mechanic, though the inc dmg is a little higher)
    5. Norushen (at least the trial makes it somewhat interesting)
    6. Galakras (not hard at all, but with stun+typhoon i use 2 more buttons than on most fights -yes, its this complicated to find the "harder" bosses that i have to use this as an indicator)
    7. Iron Juggernaut (somehow we always manage to get mines at the opposite sites of the room, so lots of running)
    8. Thok (simple taunt mechanic, but no high dmg)
    9. Spoils ("hardest" part ist opening the boxes fast enough, never used a single cd, theres simply no dmg even if i dont stop opening boxes)
    10. Nazgrim (boss=>run to the adds=>run back to the boss=>repeat)
    11. Protectors ( I have to watch the solarplexus timer, which is quite hard considering there is nothing else going on, making it easy to stray)
    12. Malkorok (simple patchwork boss, no real dmg even with 25+ stacks, but at least fun to do 300k dps)
    13. Sha (simple taunt mechanic, nothing else)
    14. Immerseus (yeah for offtank)
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    normal are all easy, garrosh is so long that is annoying if you wipe .
    Heroic are easy too this tier, difficulty rise only after tenth boss...-.-

    And that's not being elitist tbh..

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    Pretty much the order you fight them in, Blizzard did a good job in ramping the difficulty up in a very linear fashion. But The difficulty curve peaks at Thok, if you can down Thok, Blackfuse and Paragons shouldn't take long either. Garrosh was a good end fight, good length, perfect difficulty. It's difficulty is more execution. Trying to keep up with everything happening while not sacrificing DPS or slipping with healing.

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    Holy pala, 10m

    Sha of Pride

    It took us about 20 pulls on Garrosh, rest were either between 1-5 pulls each, Spoils, Klaxxi and Blackfuse being the ones we spent the longest time on.

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    Hard to say because most were 1 shots, but I'd say easy to hard:

    Juggernaut > Immerseus > Protectors > Norushen > Galakras > Nazgrim > Pride > Shamans > Malkorok > Blackfuse > Spoils > Paragons > Garrosh > Thok

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    10 man resto shaman 2 healing

    Immerseus < Spoils < Sha of Pride < Nazgrim < Norushen < Protectors < Galakras < Paragons < Malkorok < Juggernaught < Blackfuse < Shamans < Garrosh < Thok

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    surprisingly, we needed 2 pulls on klaxxi the first time we got there, every subsequent week they were first try. they were a disappointment for me so far, really looked forward to them but I even find protectors more difficult than klaxxi paragons. speaking for us, we had most problems on dark shaman, thok and garrosh, with the latter being the only one I'd say is hard. we raid 2 days a week.
    My rating would be

    1. Garrosh
    2. Thok
    3. Dark Shaman
    4. Galakras
    5. Norushen
    6. Nazgrim (I as raidlead didnt know adds were spawning amass when at 10%, so I told my raid to kill them.. :P)
    7. Blackfuse
    8. Malkorok
    9. Sha
    10. Protectors
    11. Juggernaut
    12. Spoils
    13. Klaxxi Paragons
    14. Immerseus
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    Its all easy untill Garrosh which you cant half-ass thru with low ilvl gear. Blizz did a fine job tuning the scaling of difficulty, the first 12 bosses could have been a tad harder tho.

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    sha of pride
    iron juggernaut

    At this point, we only have some issues with spoils, but it only took 7 attempts to down it on our first night there. Thok is the same, but sitting around 5attempts before raid time ended. Everything else is pretty faceroll at this point. Haven't downed last 3 yet so can't speak to that

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