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    Buying time cards with gold is against the ToS correct?

    Some guy is selling a 180 day time card for 30k gold, but im 99% sure thats against the terms of service. Would i be correct?

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    Yes it is.
    Report the person, and Blizzard will handle it.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    This is a bit old, but I believe it still applies (scroll down to the blue posts). Short version: correct, that is against the ToS. You're probably not likely to get caught if you just trade with friends/guildies, but if you're standing around in Stormwind/Org screaming "GAME TIME FOR GOLD PST" or similar, you're asking for a ban.
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    Even if it wasn't i wouldn't buy it.
    He probally bought it with stolen creditcard info and when the chargeback occurs the gametime gets removed.
    It's the same thing with level 1 chars selling blizzstore mounts for 15k.

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    60 days is $30 it's just someone in hongkong VPNing onto US servers using compromised cards(most likely the crd #'s from people who bought gold from him) to resell that gold to someone else. i dont see anyone in their right mind giving you $90 worth of gametime for $30 worth of gold...

    again "if it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is."

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    Okay, i was sure it was but i was hoping i was wrong. Thanks =D

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    i'd love paying 6 months of gametime with 1 day of AH, but it's against the ToS

    the general rule is: you cannot trade ingame goods with IRL goods
    the only exception is IRL to ingame, limited to TCG stuff and the little BoE pet from the Blizz store
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    Indeed you are correct. The general rule is this;
    If it can be bought for real world currency only, you are not allowed to sell it for in-game gold. If it can only be bought with in-game currency, you are not allowed to sell it for in-game gold.

    That's the general rule. There are a few clauses outside of this that tend to muddy the waters, such as the Spectral Tiger, but the rule surrounding those would be;
    You are allowed to trade or sell the redeemed in-game item for gold but not for real world currency. You are allowed to sell the physical item/card or code for real world currency but not for gold.

    Basically, if it exists in the game, it can only be sold for gold. If it exists in the real world, it can only be sold for real world currency. The Blizzstore mounts, not being BoE, can only be bought with real world currency. You can gift them to someone, but I believe it's against the ToS to accept gold for them in exchange (because again, that essentially crosses the line and you'd be buying the real world item for in-game gold). It's hard to think of those mounts as 'real world items' but 'real world' covers anything not available naturally through in-game means.

    Gametime cards and the codes printed on them are both real world items and so they can only be bought for real world money. However as a bit of personal advice, you should only ever buy subscription or game time from Blizzard directly because as someone pointed out above, third parties selling them are usually using stolen cards which can get a chargeback from the credit company up to a year later, at which point Blizzard will close your account for using what is essentially stolen goods.

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    As everyone stated, it is against the TOS and thus against our rules to discuss it here. If you see it, report it to Blizzard.

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