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    Raid lock

    How raid locks actually works ...
    I killed 2nd and 3rd boss in 10 man HC difficulty - starting from which boss I will be able to join other 10 man raid group normal difficulty?
    -- fresh run?
    -- starting 4th boss?
    -- starting from boss which is killed by HC raiding group?
    -- let it be let it shain waiting for next week

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    As far as i know you will be able to join a NORMAL raid from 4th boss on.

    But just in a normal raid, you wont be able to join a diferent HC raid.

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    -- fresh run?
    -- starting 4th boss?
    Yes, normal only. However, if you group goes and clears lets say 8 more bosses and you are not in the group, you can join from 9th boss, due to instance lock, which is shared by all who got the initial lock.
    -- starting from boss which is killed by HC raiding group?
    No. Heroic locks are instance wide and you are locked to an instance. You cannot join a group, with different instance ID in their lock.
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