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    Is your favorite class your main? Why or why not?

    Maybe a weird question but I saw another topic that made me think, "I'm not playing my favorite class, why?" So I thought I would get a poll going to see how many others are like me. It will be interesting to me to see people's reasons for not playing their favorite toon. Here is mine:

    -My favorite class?: Hunters and Warlocks. I love pet classes in any game. My favorite by a mile.

    -Do I play them as my main?: No. Haven't played a Hunter as my Main since Vanilla. Have only casually played a Lock but never as a main.

    -Why or why not?: While I love those two classes, neither more than the other, I dont' like playing dps roles. I only tank, I dont' like playing any other role. So for example, if I'm asking a question about tanks and I get a million responses that say, "Play what you want, not what people tell you!" That doesn't apply to me because I play the role, not the class if that makes sense. If I played my favorite class it would be a Lock or a hunter.

    How I wish Hunters or Locks would get a tank spec lol.... wishful thinking I know but I can always hope.
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    My favorite class is Shaman, specifically Elemental spec, however my main is my protection pally. My wife and I run a semi-casual friend/family guild and I've been the main tank for 5 years or so.

    My pally is a good toon, pretty well rounded and I'd never delete him, but if it was just me and I had my choice I'd be running my Shaman.

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    I don't care how many times they ask me to switch my main to my lock, I like mages better.

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    I play what I love and I love what I play.
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    Warrior and yes.

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    I love resto/eleshammy but im always stuck with my prot/holy pally which i play really well but if we recruited another paladin with same specs i would play shaman full time.

  7. #7 it odd that both of the people who said they play Pally's say they would switch to a shaman if they could?

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    Thematically, I think I like druids the best, but they're not as fun to play as I'd like.

    My hunter is my main, and hunter is absolutely the class I enjoy playing the most. I've been very fortunate to have kept a DPS role for most of my time playing WoW (except for a stint as a healer in Ulduar and ToC, which I hated).

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    I change my mind on this far too often. Through everything, my hunter has pretty much been my main, despite me always wishing that I liked a hybrid enough to stick with it. At one point during this expansion, I was sure that I'd drop my hunter for my warrior, but it just hasn't happened.

    So I guess the answer is yes. Sort of.
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    Mains by expansion:
    BC: Shadow priest
    Wrath: Resto druid -> enhancement shaman
    Cata: Resto druid (only PVP, never even entered a dungeon or raid)
    MoP: WW Monk -> Elly shaman

    Favorite class: Druid
    Why It isn't main: I really only like to PVP with him, i'm just bad at melee DPS (great on my monk), I will not tank (I can't see very well with boss nuts in my face), and I always thought Lazer chicken form was just stupid, so I didn't want to look at that and so never tried boomkin. I love how you can be anything and viable with it. I know there are always nerfs and buffs and "this class is shit now" but I've always had top 3 DPS ferals and boomkin friends, so fuck the logs. I love shape shifting. I love that the Tauren (my race) is tailored after "native americans" (I'm NA), so it all blended into me loving druids.

    Second favorite is probably shaman, loved enhance and elemental.

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    I got 2 classes that i like equally which is Warrior and Hunter. I started as a hunter, but changed my main to warrior after tbc

    It looks like this for me.

    TBC: Hunter
    Wotlk Warrior
    Cata: Warrior, and Death Knight in 4.3 (i switch servers and dont have money to transfer so i need something to level quick )
    MoP: Warrior

    Hunter is not far from warr in terms of gear etc... Now with flex feature is even easier to raid on alts Actually im think i'll be playing a hunter as my main during next wow expac.

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    Currently I'm torn between my favorite class, but my main is a Warrior. Nothing special, only ilvl 518, he is my highest ilvl character. I just leveled him to 90 from 85 shortly before patch 5.4, and once I did the timeless isle and geared up almost to the same ilvl as my lock, I never looked back. (still do some raiding on my lock though). I LOVE my lock, and my warrior, but I made the mistake a year ago of faction changing most of my characters to alliance for irl friends (that no longer play)and my server is very uneven population wise in favor of the horde, so seeing as how my warrior is an orc, and my lock is a human, my warrior surpassed my lock as my main! So in short, my warrior is tied for my favorite class and is my main.

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    Im playing priest and i love it,but... thinking that i reroll to warlock with next expansion. Affliction is just better shadow.
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    Rogue is my favorite class, but their lack of diverse roles makes them unworthwhile to gear when dps is overabundant and you're just trying to cap your lockouts, pugging every week.

    That and melee in rbg, kek.

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    DK is my main and DK is my favorite class. Been one since I hit my first 55

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    I started playing a paladin in the BC because I wanted to heal and I liked both Blood Elf lore and the concept of hybrid class. I got fond of it and I kept playing it as my main, although I find DPS more fun as a warrior and healing as a druid.

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    My favorite two are monks and druids. I have one of each at cap. One Alliance, one Horde. Both hybrids, both maxed profs. I love the animation and style of the monk, but if I'm honest I love playing the druid more. Just because of the quality of life. I would prefer cat dps to be less... involved, but otherwise the druid is easily my favorite to actually play long-term.
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    By xpac:

    Vanilla: arms warrior
    BC: hunter and boomkin
    Wrath: ret/prot pally
    Cata: resto druid
    MoP: mw monk then disc priest then ww monk(I love my monk)
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    Warrior; Yes.

    Loving my shadow priest as well but I sadly can't play casters on the level I can a melee.

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    My favorite class is Hunter, and my main is a Hunter. I love taming rare pets and giving them clever names.

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