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    Yes. The only two classes that I have ever mained were warlock(BC,MoP) and Resto Shaman(Wrath,Cata).

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    Prior to MoP I had three favorites, Hunter, Paladin and DK all had close to equal play time.

    After MoP it has been Hunter and Warlock simply because MoP is the most melee unfriendly content ever produced, I got sick of having to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off on 90% of encounters and being 1-2 shotted because I did not move fast enough.

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    Death Knight since WotLK before it was rogue
    (though I have pala, druid and mage, and soon monk alt)

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    My main is warrior, which I really like. My Warlock however is more fun.

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    Alliance- Frost Mage main, Disc Priest second main?, which ever is needed at the moment for PvE content and both for PvP.
    Horde- Warlock in PvP

    Started in 1.3 as a Hunter, then my guild was in need of a healer so I rolled a Priest until BC. Then rolled a mage, has been my main Main since then but I keep both up to date on gear and specs. My Horde lock was just something to play around with and became my main PvP toon.

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    Yes, my ret is my fav and my main. Unless you are heroic raiding and your group absolutely needs one of other chars, I don't know why you wouldn't main your favorite class/spec. But to each their own.
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    Throughout all expansions I've always loved warrior, and I've only really played it as my main for 1 month during wotlk. Mostly due to everyone of IRL buddies played one too. Now I can't be bothered getting the cloak on a second character...and besides DKs are almost warriors....without the awesome charge/intervene and heroic leap...sigh

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    My pala is lvl 71.. but I guess it's only on the 2nd place. I love my blood DK.

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    Favorite class is probably the Warlock. But its not by current main. I've been trying out a Rogue again in MoP and enjoying it a lot.

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    Nope, favourite class is Fury Warrior, but I quit my good progress guild to go play with friends who needed a healer. So stuck on my Priest atm, I like the class, but I just love Fury.

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    Yes, warlock. However, in classic I mostly played my druid - which have become my "second main" ever since.
    My favorite role however is to heal, but I have not healed all that much after cataclysm for some reason.

    So now I play my warlock almost exclusively, with my druid now and then so I can heal. Also tend to vary my characters more early on in an expansion.

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    i'm a fairweather fan of many classes,

    at the moment i am playing a BrM Monk as my main and i love it, but i also love BM hunter, Destro Lock, Resto/Balance Druid, Holy Priest, Blood/Unholy DK

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    Quote Originally Posted by select20 View Post
    Maybe a weird question but I saw another topic that made me think, "I'm not playing my favorite class, why?" So I thought I would get a poll going to see how many others are like me. It will be interesting to me to see people's reasons for not playing their favorite toon. Here is mine:

    -My favorite class?: Hunters and Warlocks. I love pet classes in any game. My favorite by a mile.

    -Do I play them as my main?: No. Haven't played a Hunter as my Main since Vanilla. Have only casually played a Lock but never as a main.

    -Why or why not?: While I love those two classes, neither more than the other, I dont' like playing dps roles. I only tank, I dont' like playing any other role. So for example, if I'm asking a question about tanks and I get a million responses that say, "Play what you want, not what people tell you!" That doesn't apply to me because I play the role, not the class if that makes sense. If I played my favorite class it would be a Lock or a hunter.

    How I wish Hunters or Locks would get a tank spec lol.... wishful thinking I know but I can always hope.
    No, I wish my main was a warrior. I just can't be arsed to level a warrior to 90. I've put so much time and effort into my shaman, that playing any other character feels very empty. I have all my mounts, achievements, titles, professions etc on my shaman. But I wish I had kept her as a warrior.

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    No.. I still don't know what my favorite class is...

    TBC: Mage & Warrior (about 1/2 through warr became PvP only)
    WoTLK: Mage then DK
    Cata: Priest then DK
    MoP: Hunter then Lock (which is weird because I have always hated pet classes)

    I think so far my favorite has been DK..
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    Hunter is my favorite Class. For World Experience, I love the ability of taming wildlife (or some Bosses) you come across and use it forever as your fighting companiones. There is also a lot of extra Content for them with Pet Tame challenges (although they weren't satisfying in the past: Before Mists other players can kill rarespawn Pets and in Mists most Hunters don't even know 5.0 Rare Pets exist unless they google Petopia or something).

    For PvP, I like the concept that some of the Damage and a Crowd Control Ability comes from your pet instead of the character, and continues even when your character is CrowdControlled.

    "Is it your Main?"
    No, I started playing since Cataclysm and there were always Situations where Pets would not use some Abilities(Ultraxion, Blink Strikes), not fight attack Paths and just idle around(Nefarian, some Spine&Madness parts), despawn (Al Akir, Sinestra) not do appropriate amount of Damage(Garalon), or just die (Garalon, the Spirit Kings from MCed players) and eventually got fed up. Key mechanics [pets] not working, or not working correctly was unacceptable for me, as I expect this issues to continue on one boss or the other in each Expansion.

    There were other factors too, like Action bars bloated with too many abilities or overly hectic Rotations while Readiness existed and especially having to write Macros for casting Rapid Fire + Bestial Wrath + Trinket + Synapse Springs + XXX at once.
    When I wrote a Macro so that "Kill Command" would be used at the player's target instead on the old Pet target was one of these Moments in which WoW felt like a chore, and not like a good game. Other classes do not require invested effort for your Abilities to hit the current Target, and so I switched my main to one of the other classes.
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    I druid mained for a long long time. Recently though, one of our tanks quit quite unexpectedly, and I've been forced into a tanking role. I really don't enjoy tanking on my druid, so for the foreseeable future, I'll be maining my DK.

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    When 5.0 landed and I tried Monk, I immediately knew my main (Shaman) wasn't my favorite, anymore. It wasn't very long before I got a bit resentful for ever having to play one at all because of raid composition. A year later and I'm not expected to, nor desire to, be in progression raiding and I have a very hard time playing anything but my Monk. The only two classes that feel anything like it are Warrior and Paladin, so far, and I have a bit of a... mental block making it hard for me to play anything at level cap other than my main.

    Tried my Ret again today, took her to the isle and just loved it. When I get to level my warrior to 90 I feel I'll probably be the same way. (Love it, but just don't want to bother doing LFRs with them.)
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    Rogues for life, two as my mains, one on each side. Love the general vibe about them, love melee, their fastness, and their stealthiness... suits me well. Started as a Rogue (after reading up on it) in the former 10 day trial over 3 1/2 years ago and haven't looked back.

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    I love my Shaman, I love the Elemental spec. I'll heal in a pinch, but thankfully the guild's healers are pretty reliable so I continue to play my preferred class and role.

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    The class I want most is my Rogue but I often don't have time for the 40 minute queues for LFR and wait times for a Flex group so I play disc priest more, much faster finding group spots as healer which works much better with my schedule.
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