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    I've never really thought about it. I mained a Paladin back in BC, and since WotLK came out my DK has been my main. I've played every class (albeit not up to 90), so I guess I'm not sure if DK is my favorite or not. But I raid successfully on my DK and I enjoy it, so I guess that's all that matters :P

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    Favourite class has always been druid and i've had alot of druid alts on my time on wow ever since vanilla. Though, vanilla - tbc i played Hunter as main and on wotlk i played DK as main but still had druid alts. Then on Cata at some point i finally made balance druid my main and i'm still rolling with one even at this moment and have no intentions to change in while now :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzoAndIndi View Post
    Rogues for life, two as my mains, one on each side. Love the general vibe about them, love melee, their fastness, and their stealthiness... suits me well. Started as a Rogue (after reading up on it) in the former 10 day trial over 3 1/2 years ago and haven't looked back.
    I love stories like this. My little brother started playing a Blood elf Ret Pally back when BC released. He has played that toon and no other since, pvp'ing only with the occasional raid. Through thick and thin, his Ret pally has been it. He has so much history with that toon. I on the other hand, tend to be an altoholic which I hate that about myself.
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    fav classes are warrior and rogue.but i play priest as main because guild need healer........

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    Warlock for life.

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    My spriest will always be my favorite toon. But sadly I am playing with family now as a lock on Horde and Shadowfreak will FOREVER stay a dwarf priest.

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    My favorite class is a Mage, and I am a Mage.

    I am a fucking wizard that shoots fire and can play with time, what more could you ever ask for?

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    I may or may not be addicted to Hunters. It is hard to say.
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    I'd be terribly unhappy if I couldn't play my favourite class as my main. That'd be terrible. Unless you only like another class a tiny bit more, it would be a terrible waste not to play what you love. It's a game, not a job, and you are supposed to have the maximum amount of fun you can have. And that means playing your favourite class.

    Mine is Warlock, btw, in case that wasn't obvious enough.

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    Yep, wouldn't have it any other way. As long as I enjoy warrior the most it will be my main.

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    Vanilla: Warlock/Rogue
    BC: Druid
    Wotlk: Druid
    Cataclysm: Warrior/Hunter
    Mists: Hunter

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    Would Never play anything else than a Shaman as a main, Enhace to be more precise. Never rerolled and never will. I enjoy the playstyle to much, and the visuals are just cool overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    I may or may not be addicted to Hunters. It is hard to say.

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    Been sticking with Warlocks for 3 expansions now so I guess that is a yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sillistrar View Post
    Also, I love your short-temper. Did you know that people like you are the most fun to mess with? Not that I'm doing it. Yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazoric View Post
    Is that a like a charge within a charge? :P

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    Yes, shaman is still my main since TBC, although I felt in love with enhancement back then I've been elemental since WOTLK.

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    In the past I was usually corralled into playing a specific spec/class that the raid needed. I have since mended my ways and pvp more =]

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    My main is a shaman, more specifically elemental the last few expansions. Always enjoyed them. I just like shamans in general. A lot of versatility with what they bring etc.

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    Used to be rogue when I first played. Then I switched to Warrior and they got butchered in depth for MoP. So now there's nothing I enjoy.

    All classes suck equally to me.

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    My favorite class is a tie between my Lock and my Rogue. My main has been a Disc Priest since T-11 content. I was playing Shadow and was asked to fill in for heals as we were short. I have been "temporarily" healing ever since. I even declared my Lock as my main for Pandaria and intentionally failed to level my Priest. Sadly I ended up having to level him and heal anyway to allow our raid group an opportunity to raid. .

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    Yes, because I don't play at a "harcore" enough level to warrant me playing something else just because it's better.

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