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    No. My favorite spec has always been moonkin, but I just can't stomach the clunkiness of the dead zone between eclipses. It is perfectly fine just raid dpsing, but it kills all my fun soloing, questing, pvping and everything else really.

    So no, I don't main my favorite class unfortunately.

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    I love the look of monks and priests, but I play my boomkin for the fun of it.

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    For most of the expansion it would have been a no. I love shamans specifically the elemental spec. Something about throwing lightning intrigues me (my go to super power in anything) so a shaman it is. Now back to the first sentence, I was a tank up until 5.4. My guilds off tank could no longer play and since I was playing a warrior a lot and just needing on any tank gear the tanks in lfd didn't need I had built a good tank set. In 5.3 I switched to my paladin as tanking on him was a lot more...rewarding it seemed. It was an odd switch because I loved the warriors utility but the paladin was a fun tanking class. Now that 5.4 is out and we have recruited some new tanks I have went back to my shaman. While LFR queues are a lot longer I don't mind because I love the experience of playing the game. Plus I have been able to read a lot more now that I sit in queue for what feels like an eternity.

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    For me, the answer is yes. My lock has always been my main, and I have no plans on switching at all. MW monk has been growing on me though.
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    Original main was a Paladin until Wrath came out. Now my Death Knight is my main, she is my pride and joy. Really lost love for the Paladin when they brought the holy power crap out at the end of Wrath.

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    I have too many "mains". Now, I want to level a Rogue and main him.. Buuuuut the legendary questline deters me.

    My current main is my BDK. It's fun, kinda, but I've played it since Wrath. Getting boring now..

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    No, but I keep playing my Ele Shaman in hopes of us getting some love. Chain Lightning is always fun though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyteyes View Post
    Original main was a Paladin until Wrath came out. Now my Death Knight is my main, she is my pride and joy. Really lost love for the Paladin when they brought the holy power crap out at the end of Wrath.
    As someone who played a pala through Vanilla (when playing a ret pala was actually hard) I can totally understand.

    And like you in WOTLK I rolled DK and never looked back, he's been my main and still is today and will most likely remain so (I actually thought I could play a DK when I bought WoW in 2005 so even if palas were awesome I would have still gone DK).

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    I really like mages thematically, especially arcane, but I really don't enjoy the mechanics of the class.

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    My favourite class is death knight, but I play my priest because healers are higher in demand (and priest is my 3th favourite class anyway so it doesn't matter).

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    Nope not anymore i'd say. Still love my magus to bits, but the feel of the class lately just screams "boring" lately so im now alting like mad mostly my death knight since she can solo almost everything and unholy is so much funzor rotation wise. :3

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    I change my mind too often, but always playing class I like at that moment as main.
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    I love my paladin and could not main anything else. I have a ton of alts so I know that none of the other classes are as good for me as pala.

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    I don't have a favorite class, I like them all and play a different one each week.

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    Yes and No. I have 2 favorite classes DK and Warrior. My DK is my main and I have no idea why I didnt lvl'd my warrior to 90 yet.

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    Kind of, my hunter is my favorite because it's my main, but I don't enjoy it that much atm. Been playing warrior and warlock until I see the changes for next xpac as those are my second favorites.

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    Across the board, my fav classes are always Mage, Druid & Shaman, with the order of preference shifting with each xpac...

    started in TBC - but never played PVE endgame content on any of my chars so hard to judge/say really ... for pvp, I enjoyed my rogue (Subtlety) quite a lot (as she was my 1st character that I created), but at the time didn't really have enough experience (yet) to realise that I actually favour the play-style of casters over melee in general...

    In Wrath - PVE main was my Rogue (Combat). I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, but I found myself favouring my Druid (Boomkin) more & more as the xpac went on tbh ... However, Mage (Frost) was in general my absolute fav PVP class at the time.

    In Cata - PVE main'd my Boomkin only this time (the xpac's changes to both my PVE classes/specs cemented and reinforced my preference; I disliked Combat's changes a fair bit, and loved the addition of Boomkins' Eclipse mechanic).

    In MoP - PVE main'ing my Shammy (Ele) and freakin' loving it (even more-so than Boomkin's during Cata). Shammies are my current fav class this xpac, too. Don't like the vast majority of the changes to Boomkin spec - particularly Sunfire replacing Insect Swarm (ugh), and I also dislike it's focus on multi-dotting over aoe for trash/groups, and it's reliance on aligning dps CDs (not even half as bad though right now as it was a few content patches ago), but still currently like it 2nd best overall, believe it or not.

    Next xpac - currently levelling a mage and a pala for endgame content come next-xpac-time, with the possibility of either/or speccing my Druid into Feral, as well.

    EDIT: I should add, I haven't really pvped much since Cata hit (even more so since MoP) - my focus is much more PVE orientated now.
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    I can happily say that it is. It hasn't always been that way though.

    In TBC I started my WoW-career as a Mage. I thought it was a cool class, nothing mindblowing but enjoyable. I got it up to 70 and started raiding, and made my first alt on the side, a Gnome Warrior. As I leveled this char on the side, it quickly went over, and suddenly I really didn't want to log in on my mage, but I still had to raid on it, since I was in a hardcore guild. When I got my warrior up to 70 I managed to gear it quickly, and was lucky enough to get it geared, and my guildmaster listened to what I felt, and he gave me the thumbs up to switch main to my warrior.

    This was a great time in WoW for me, and the last parts of TBC (BT and Sunwell) and into early WotLK, I was the warrior classleader and really liking it. However, WotLK ruined a lot of the things I loved with warriors. One-hand Fury was my thing, and Titan's Grip was something I never liked, and was suddenly forced to use, because the DPS was so much higher. Eventually as the guild fell apart and my sudden hatred for the class, I rerolled Horde, and has never looked back.

    Since then I've played Shadow Priest as my main and I'm loving it. I love that the rotation is fairly interesting and lets me use many different abilities, I love it that I can solo many older dungeons/bosses that other classes can't, and it feels like the ultimate class for me. I haven't gotten bored of it, and I never will. I still have many alts, but they will always be just alts for me.

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    My favorite class is Shaman (specifically Elemental, followed by Restoration), and this is also my main - MS Elemental, OS Restoration.

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    Is your favorite class your main? Why or why not?
    Hard question to answer . Played 2 classes at max level during wrath and cata (not playing MoP), my main has always been my warrior... But my Enhancement shaman has always been the char with i had most fun, speacially during wrath (almost no one rolled enhancement back then, except for leveling).

    The problem is that i believe i don't classify my warrior as my main, i love them both , for diferent reasons.

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