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    Definatly dual pistols/crossbows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwind View Post
    Pistols, not a hard concept to implement (just like the balance between mh+oh and 2h for casters) and they exist in Warcraft's lore.

    Not really a new weapon, but I'd like to see pallys or warriors being able to dual-wield shields. I don't know how the stats would work, though.
    What would be the motivation for the monster to attack a guy who has two shields?

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    I'd love to see a lot of the suggested weapons in the game. Double edged weapons too, even if they're not classed as a 'new' type.

    I doubt blizzard would use their 'resources' on creating the animations for new weapon types though. Although it's something they could be doing with the new updated character models, who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarlockJack View Post
    What would be the motivation for the monster to attack a guy who has two shields?
    The same as attacking the guy with one shield instead of the barely armored priest behind him. We do have those, don't we?

    Besides, having your head squished between two of these must be quite... infuriating.

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    Being able to duel wield with 1 pistol and 1 sword would be good enough for me.

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    We really need a new ranged, non-caster class and I wouldn't mind a new one-handed gun/crossbow for them and Hunters to share.

    Quote Originally Posted by 3DTyrant View Post
    Small scythes, like Akama has/had in BT
    That's called a sickle or a kusarigama.
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    One-handed spears with shields. Would play tank again if that happens (although unlikely).

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    Quote Originally Posted by seam View Post
    1h Ranged weapons. Handcrossbows, Darts(RAWR), Pistols

    throwing axes for trolls!

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    I think we need better staves as casters, I wish we were able to transmog everything for weapons. PvP weapons still look incredibly dated compared to PvE.

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    The issue with the things people would like to see, is that not everyone could use them... 1h pistols/ 1h crossbows? other than hunters, who would utitlize it? Whips? How would you attack someone w/ a whip? Logically, your abilities wouldn't make sense, heroic strike would be heroic whip =/ sounds more seductive than intimidating. The only thing I can imagine blizzard bringing into the game, would be... NOTHING. There is already everything. The reason it's all generic like 1h sword, 2h sword, 1h mace, 2h mace, daggers, staves, polearms etc.. is because if they want some cool looking weapon, they'll add it and classify it as such. If it's some 2 sided small sword, chances are they'll just call it a dagger instead of what it actually is.

    There's nothing anyone could add to the game that would make sense and would fit. As far as weapons go, the game is fine and I'm glad that's the one thing they never messed with.
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    Not even more fragmentation, bad enough as it is.

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    I'd love to see a pistols and hand crossbows as others have said.

    Though I'd imagine that they would have to have another class that uses ranged weapons before they consider adding different types.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    Would like more Dragon Soul Deathwing Weapons-esque Effects on Weapons instead lame +xx Stats +1 Gem Socket.

    For Models, I would like to see some new creative Ideas beyond traditional Weapons. It's a fantasy game after all so where is stuff like whip-swords

    or other innovative weapon models. Chainsaws or whatever.
    Exactly this! Also the obvious ones glaives/1hand spear

    Also add something to transmog overall. I want to use daggers when i am wearing a mace? or staff even?

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    Racial weapons (Tauren Totems or Night Elf Glaives etc.) where the raid drop is a quest item the you go redeem in your capital.
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    Really surprised at the continuous dualwield 1h Range Weapons suggestions. We have already Raids like Throne of Thunder where Hunters get more Weapons than all Melee classes combined have 2H Weapons ^^.

    But I guess some of 2H Weapons could be sacrificed by the Weapons designers to create 1H Weapons. The Developers mentioned it would require excessive rebalance of Skills but I believe they could be implemented just as a transmogrify feature. Like for Example you find a Pistol and it is a 2H Weapon with equivalent Stats but shows animation of dualwielding Pistols.
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    Snarky comments that reduce the target's ability to dodge/parry.

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    Spear, flail, whip, quarterstaff.

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    I personally wouldn't like to see new weapons types as much as I would like to see classes fight differently. A pally and a warrior might both wield a 2h sword, but they probably wouldn't fight the same with. A lock and a mage both cast spells but they shouldn't look exactly the same when they do it.

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    I'd like to see books moved to the main hand slot and have their attack be some specific spell like animation with the book open. Same with orb type focuses.

    Also, I'd like to see more one off weapon types like the glaives. While it would be cool to see tons of glaives, I'd prefer to see the occasional type-less weapon anyone could use that was unique.

    I'd like a few swords that looked simple but came with an elaborate sheathe.

    Paired weapons, something that took up both hands but acted like a two handed weapon; allowing for more specific animation or effects. This could also work for dual pistols

    Dancing Weapons, it hovers next to you and attacks for you while you do casting animations.

    Hammers that look more like thor's hammer or the Doomhammer rather than... whatever the hell wow hammers have looked like post vanilla.

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    Javelin+shield, i wanna go Javazon like in D2, melee and throwing it

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