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    2hd caster swords; with the addition to having mages & warlocks (perhaps a few others) being able to wield them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilbergrape View Post
    halberd /10

    again. an already in game item.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    I want a fist weapon that looks like Asa Akira

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windwalker View Post
    I want a fist weapon that looks like Asa Akira
    hell. I just want asa akira
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    Honestly, all orcs should have axes or hammers, taurens should have totems, or two smaller totems or variations of that, etcetc whatever fits the flavor. The weapon skins should upgrade based on the dungeon drops IMO. So when you a Zandalari weapon drop, it's like a skin wrapped around your totem/axe and likewise for a Lei Shen drop, likewise for a SoO drop and on and on. This would give races a lot of unique flavor. Bc TBH, I have yet to see an Orc in lore legit use a sword. It just FEELS right when an orc lays waste to mfckers with an Axe. Totems on Taurens who can wield it on their back, if they are using a polearm or something. Swords aren't meant for orcs/taurens IMO. Better for Humans, Stupid Blood Elves and all other fancy mfckers who are all forgemastery.

    This doesn't mean they are any less dangerous tho. I just love the concept of Taurens being able to rape anyone with a pole lying around like Joachim from Shadow Hearts Covenant. Anyone remember Lusted Taurens in Warcraft 3 end lives with totem smash? Earthshaker in Dota 2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pharix View Post
    throwing axes for trolls!
    Well, we used to have throwing weapons, including axes. Was primarily used by Rogues and Warriors I believe. Went into their ranged slot. Was more of a stat stick, though, didn't get used a lot.
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    Sickles and scythes. They shouldn't be staff-only type weapons.

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