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    Most Epic LFR fight ever!

    Just finished killing General Nazgrim in one attempt on LFR in one go, crazy right? THe great thing is somehow it bugged out after we wiped at like 60% and the Doom Lord he spawns killed him. Yup, all 60% of him through 3 enrages. It took about 2 hours, played a game of league and watched a movie in that time. But it also pretty incredible to watch him be chunked so slowly. And yes, we got loot. Well, gold... twice. This happen to anyone else? And I know it seems lulzy but if you could recreate the bug in Herioc if you are having trouble... free loot!
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    This is best comparable to fighting fire with a blowtorch to your own face.

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    This sounds amazing! I'm making sure we skip the doom lord every time from now on.

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    Depending what you do, if Gamon becomes engaged with the doom lord and mage NPCs, they can show up later on and do strange things.

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