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    Flex raiding... how to know the boss you've killed this week

    Hello !

    Is there a way to know which bosess you've already killed in flex ?

    As there is no instance lockout, you don't see flex difficulty in the raid lockout tab.
    I did not find any info on the blizzard forums, nor an addon on curse.


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    go to the flex tab. Hover mouse over the exclamation mark that indicates you already killed bosses. The names of the bosses you CANT loot anymore will appear

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    Get an addon called Savedinstances, tracks all your boss kills for every raid difficulty/instance/scenario for the week on all your characters plus a bunch of other things like vp caps/instance limits/daily quests/weekly quests.

    It's clean, easy to use and extremely useful.

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    Thank you both, exactly what i was looking for

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