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    CENCER MAN:A great assassination spot

    I love the Censer of Eternal Agony,it's awsome!

    Since the 5.4 lunched, i've killed 530 people .

    Censer make the wow some like the gta, you know,thers r nothing can stop u to kill.

    Here are some tips i want share with ur guys.

    use the censer on the Highwind Albatross will be safe,and in the journey with Highwind Albatross ,you can bandage youself.

    Then i'll show you a great assassination spot ,it's a moutain at the north-east corner ,close to the ruby lake moutain.but they are 2 different moutains.

    people who want to reach the luby lake for the rare spawn with a Highwind Albatross,will pass by this amazing moutain,as we know,you can't move when the Albatross catching you.

    So,we can stand at the moutain, aim and fire at a guy on a Albatross.

    It will bring u a lot fo funs.

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    Censer make the wow some like the gta
    I'm sorry, what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fps90 View Post
    I'm sorry, what?
    He means that with the Censor of Agony it's a lot like Grand Theft Auto: murder with impunity.

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    This guy sounds like niko's cousin, next thing he'll ask us for great bowling spots

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