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  • Kaldorei(Night elves)

    251 69.34%
  • Orcs

    74 20.44%
  • Who cares?

    37 10.22%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skarssen View Post
    Better yet, the Alliance could just exterminate the orcs and then there would be no reason to destroy the forest.
    They tried to do that, but now they got their asses kicked and they have to resort to complaining about 'the sacred forest'.
    Forests >>>>> filthy mongrels
    Suddenly half of MMO-C is a greenpeace activist?

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    It's rather complicated. The lumbering while under Thrall was ok and in that era I would side with the Orcs, they need their materials after all and back then they just cut down what they used.

    Under Garrosh however it became more about pissing off the Night Elves, cut more than they needed and letting it rot. That's just plain stupidity.

    Now if only the lumbering would be cut back to what was needed.

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