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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixpac View Post
    They already put an open-ended Demon Hunter (hero) class teaser into the Darkshore mini-maelstrom:

    and you can be almost 100% sure that this class is coming in WOWX5, along with the overhauled race models. Also, note the title of the quest mob that dops this item: Telarius Voidstrider <Herald of the DARK EMBRACE>. Dark Embrace <-> Dark Below?

    So, yeah, you CAN be this guy finally:

    Other pointers that support this speculation:

    - planned Illidan redemption story
    - the WotLK hero class/endgame level ratio of 55/80 would translate to 68/100 in WOWX5, which points to Shadowmoon Valley, base of the Demon Hunter training location
    No, I don't want to dress up like Illidan and run around looking like every other generic Illidan-wannabe Demon Hunter on the entier server, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jabulaniman View Post
    Thing is, I recall Blizzard saying they would make a few more expansions, more like 2-3, and I see Sargeras and stopping the Legion once and for all to be the last xpac, so are they really going to make a legion expac without defeating Sargeras, then something else, and then ANOTHER legion expac?

    Thats why I see it more likely that we will have a TDB Azshara/Nzoth expac, and THEN Legion.

    Mind you, Wrathion did a helluva lot of foreshadowing, as well as the Burdens of Shaohao. In any case, I like both themes, and I am very excited for BlizzCon.
    I agree that Azshara/nzoth is next, then the legion, but, Sargeras will not be the end boss to any of the wow expansion. An Avatar might be in some future expansion, but Sargeras himself, no. The major "villains" of the wow universe are the Old gods over the legion, as the Old Gods are a threat to the population of Azeroth, while the legion needs to find a way to get to Azeroth, as it is not connected to the Twisting Nether, hence portals and summoning, otherwise, we would have already face the might of the legion which we would have lost too. We have only faced the legion in controlled scenarios on Azeroth. Outland is a better place to look, but there, they were just beginning to set up shop, and we able to force them out, similar to the 3rd war (wc3).

    We will not face Sargeras in the life of wow, at least in full combat against him, because, currently, he is the major villain of the Warcraft Universe, not just wow, but also the RTS game. So I am sure we will kill some of his Lieutenants (Kil'jaeden) and some Nathrezim, but more can take their places. Sargeras, though, is the end all of Wc, so its unlikely they will want to stop a "good" universe from ending. Yes, there will always be orcs vs humans, but, since wc1 (called orcs and humans), there has always been the demon overlords.

    The burning legion is a major plot villain of the Warcraft Universe, and they will probably never completely die. We may push them back for so many expansions to introduce more enemies from outside our pitiful world, but currently the Burning Legion is the number one enemy that will not completely die in WoW, no matter what.

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    Burning Legion? What do we want? It should be obvious, of course! Complete destruction and annihilation of all life in the universe. Really, I mean, it's not that much, is it?

    -ahem!- Sorry about that. As to what I'd like from a Burning Legion expansion? Not going in over our heads. Taking the fight to the Legion itself. Seeing more worlds and life forms. Discovering about other planets that tried to fight back, and possibly finding survivors to draw into the Army of the Light. Some cool new features, and potentially a new class or race!

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    The only thing I'd want specifically from a Burning Legion expansion that I'm not likely to get elsewhere is a Demon Hunter class. Any other expansion features could come from pretty much anywhere.

    Of course I always want Ogres, and them and the Burning Legion's mutual connection to Outland (not saying the expansion would take place there, just that there's an indirect connection between Ogres and the Burning Legion) makes them a candidate for such an expansion, but considering the Stonemaul are already on the Horde, Blizzard could really justify them at any time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlarStormbringer View Post
    [COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Century Gothic]Burning Legion? What do we want? It should be obvious, of course! Complete destruction and annihilation of all life in the universe. Really, I mean, it's not that much, is it?[/
    Ha, I thought something similar when I saw the title, only I imagined the Legion saying "What do you want" and N'Zoth replying "For you to get out, this be my expac,yo"

    But ah....whatever.

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    I'd love to see a some proper demonic architecture, not just the small settlements and forge camps we've seen. Something like a huge Burning Legion citadel, with some Tothrezim working away inside it.

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    I'd like to see more attonements like in TBC and also a split between the rep grind for loot from heroic farms and quest farms.... I'd like the value of epic lewt to be restored not just given wayfair epics like the timeless isle.... If we get the legion, epic cutscenes and lots of NPC interactions

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    If demon hunter was actually introduced into wow as the hero class for burning legion xpac what spells would you think it have would it be like the diablo DH or something different? and would it have a pet like normal hunters (I dont know much about demon hunters outside of diablo)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosky View Post
    If demon hunter was actually introduced into wow as the hero class for burning legion xpac what spells would you think it have would it be like the diablo DH or something different? and would it have a pet like normal hunters (I dont know much about demon hunters outside of diablo)
    the warcraft demon hunter is totally different from the diablo demon hunter.

    it's essentially a warlock that fights in melee range like a combat rogue, and dual wields "warglaives".
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    I want to see the home worlds of the most recognized demonic races. Shivara, Dreadlord, Pitlords

    Factions removed, but have racial rivalries instead.

    Most current faction leaders put in their place by the scope and scale of the burning legion; and removed or sidelined. Anyone whose age is less than 3 digits long should sit this one out.

    Artificer class: combining the technology and magic that's been introduced throughout the game into something more impressive. Tinkers, golemancers, Runepriests

    A return to seamless world play.

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    - New character models.

    - At least an instanced version (as in a dungeon/raid) of Argus.

    - Major roles played by Velen and the Draenei in general. Aside from minor appearances where he's been helping develop Anduin, Velen has mostly been gathering dust since BC.

    - Major roles and in-game apperances from Turalyon and Alleria. It could be really fun for PvP if one or both of them comes back still in "fuck the horde" mode.

    - Revamp the initial racial quests to make them fit in with the game's current events.

    - New demon models (or at LEAST slightly altered demon models) so we're not looking at the same Dreadlord/Succubus/Felhound models we've already been looking at since Classic WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    We didn't had demon themed expansion for like 5 years now =/
    Yes. We had an almost all demon expansion and lots of demonic content since then. I just think there are more interesting places to go besides back to the demon thing. I will admit we will probably need to come around and wrap up the demon arch a little better, I'm just hoping it's not for another expansion or so.
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    If it's a burning legion expansion, it better not be set on Azeroth. I don't want another cataclysm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosky View Post
    If Burning Legion expansion is announced next month at blizzcon what do you expect or want to see included, wether it be cap back to 10 levels instead of 5, new class whatever!

    I would like to see a new class, pvp reworked to make it feel like old pvp, new ways to make professions fun while leveling instead of grindy, what about you?
    I wanna beat the shit out of Sargeras!

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