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    ilvl roof in 5.4

    I just got back to wow after a break. I played the start of 5.3 before the pause.

    I read something about the ilvl roof getting changed so that PvP items would have their original ilvl, but the PvE items being nerfed down to 496. Like in 5.3.

    Anyone know how this works right now?

    Thanks in advance.

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    it started on ilvl 502 at first week. The week after it got to 503 ilvl.. next week 504.
    It stops at 517 i think it is, so pvp gear is better statwise with a good margen. Maybe some superb trinkets can outdo it, but with the double trinket bonus that has to be a pretty huge difference.
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    You know how many weeks into s14 we are? Maybe my PvE gear (525 on average) might have some better pieces for me now seeing as I'm still full 496 in PvP gear.

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    PVE gear cap in instanced PVP started at 496. Legendary cape (only PVE gear I wear) was up to 499 this week. Cap is eventually going up to 512 which will make all PVE gear a little better than Tyrannical.

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    Thank you. I guess I'll keep to my Tyrannical then.

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