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    I've read the entire thread up to this point, and I will be quick and concise to surmise the information we know.
    1) Clugor solo'd Rag at level 60
    2) No one has been able to find another video of a level 60 soloing Rag
    3) Clugor, quite possibly, got world first Rag solo.

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    Rofl this is getting funny.
    Next time: 'World First lvl23 Restoration nelf druid clearing stockades in less than 5mins while playing with 1 eye closed."

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    gz for looking like a attention whore

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    Can't really tell if this player was 60 or higher, however; it claims to be lvl 60 from tich.

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    Army of the Dead...
    Has on Firelands Tier set....

    did you look at that for more than two seconds?

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    It is world first. Now smell my fingers.

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    He's using the 85 trinket from End of Time dungeon. With a ton of 70+ DK abilities.

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    Congrats on something no one cares about. If anyone cared i'm sure Raegwyn or Mionelol would've made a level 60 and done it years ago. And don't say it was impossible years ago because cthun and twin emps and many other bosses were thought to have been not soloable even if some were somewhat bugged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santrin View Post
    Army of the Dead...
    Has on Firelands Tier set....

    did you look at that for more than two seconds?
    Again, said I really couldn't tell. aka video was blurry on my screen.

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    gratz i suppose. It doesn't really seem all that impressive. But I mean if you actually got a world first, kudos

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    gratz i suppose. It doesn't really seem all that impressive. But I mean if you actually got a world first, kudos
    This pretty much sums it up. I really couldn't see any vids saying other wise. I did post a dk vid but others are saying it was much higher than that. I didn't play a dk until Cata so I have no idea what they did back then. Anyways. if he is the world first grats.

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    gratz on the kill

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    It really is a "Who cares Achivement". It was achieved because of what tanks have become, the talent system and how much specs have changed, gems, how stats scale for lower level characters, glyphs, how non-defensive stats contribute to a tank's survival, items that you can use from the next expansion (8 items).

    Your achievement was earned because the game allowed you 4 expansions later, not because of any boundary-breaking skill.

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    Lol @ the person in the vid who said on real id: "Inb4 wow 10th anniversary rewards the same old tabard" or something like that.

    OT; People claim that others have done world first ragnaros on 60 before you but I kudos for you since you've tried. May it be world first or world second but well done.

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    Why do wow-players have to be so obnoxious? It's a kill that involved most of the boss abilities including kiting the adds, 1M health with and vengeance scaling wasn't over the top the DPS remained constant at 1k (sure no actual lvl 60 could have done this in the past, but still). I'm sure the guy added "World first" simply because that was his motivation to even attempt this boss. Maybe it's not world first, who cares, nice kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokithor View Post
    More than likely not world first.
    probably not but meh who cares really

    Quote Originally Posted by Delekii View Post
    World first picking my nose while having my left hand on my right buttock.

    Wait, this isn't a thread about utterly irrelevant achievements?
    Pretty much sums up your reply as well

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    so.. can i say i got the world first for taking a zep?

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    Well, no one else has provided proof of a level 60 soloing Rag before the OP, so gratz on world first! May your level 60 gear protect you from the haters.
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    Congrats on the world first.

    A lot of haters who have all failed to disprove your claims.

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    There is no competition.
    Therefore you shouldn't call it world first.

    Gratz on the kill though, if you see this as an impressive feat.

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