View Poll Results: Which class have you least played?

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  • Warrior

    32 7.67%
  • Mage

    43 10.31%
  • Hunter

    29 6.95%
  • Rogue

    66 15.83%
  • Paladin

    24 5.76%
  • Shaman

    32 7.67%
  • Priest

    43 10.31%
  • Warlock

    35 8.39%
  • Druid

    26 6.24%
  • Death Knight

    32 7.67%
  • Monk

    55 13.19%
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    Your Least Played Class?

    What is the class that you have least played and why?

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    Priest, I just don't enjoy it that much.

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    Warlock and mage can't stand either of them really

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    Warrior because they're clunky and their starting ability was "...on next hit" for years.

    Also, no one wants more melee, and rogues have been superior melee and better at PvP in almost every patch since Beta.

    Even a total noob can see why warriors aren't that great.

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    Mage, dunno why just... no
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    Monk by far, it just isn't interesting to me thematically. After that is Paladin.

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    Priest and Paladin, haven't gotten either of them past level 5.

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    Hunter and Monk.
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    Yes, I like having a little shaman community and not tonnes of people flooding in and ruining our class

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    Priest. I just can't ever seem to level one. Highest I got was 67 then deleted it. Idky...maybe cause my ex is a priest and we started WoW while we were dating. idk.
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    Hunter. I hate bows.

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    From least played to most played:

    DK - never found an interest in them, leveled one to level 60 in wotlk and that's it.
    Mage - somehow couldn't bring myself to get one to max level, a bit boring class when leveling.
    Hunter - just not an interesting class to play for me. Got one to lvl 80 in wotlk but stopped playing it, got one to lvl 60 in mop, but didn't feel like playing him anymore.
    Warlock - same like hunters. Also, too many buttons.
    Rogue - a bit boring class to play, though they do good dps. Still. I have a lvl 90 one and lvl 85 one.
    Monk - a have a brewmaster alt and I'm really enjoying it, other specs seem interesting as well, if monks were available before mop it might have been one of my most played classes.
    Paladin - I played quite a lot of paladin in wrath and cata, mostly tank and dps. I used to enjoy this class a lot, didn't play it in mop so far though.
    Shaman - I played a lot as elemental and enhancement, a really enjoyable class.
    Warrior - I like this class a lot and played a lot of time as a warrior, but only as a tank. I should try dps warrior sometime, it seems very enjoyable.
    Priest - it was my main from early wrath till firelands, was a holy/disc and tried shadow as well. A great class, though I don't play it much today.
    Druid - my main (boomkin). He was a cat alt before. I tried the other 2 specs as well, a versatile and highly enjoyable class.

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    Priest and Paladin because I'm an atheist

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    Out of 71 characters level 80 or higher (I take the word alt-o-holic to a new level), only two are shaman. They are my least played class.

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    I have leveled every class to 90. And the Warrior is by far my least favorite class.

    I can't imagine why anyone would play it. There is zero appeal or flavor to it. Zero. None. It is shocking how awful Warriors are. When you have a Paladin and a DK, I can't imagine why anyone would play a Warrior.

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    My rogue. My main is already a pure, and I cba to wait in more queues on another pure DPS. If I want to play an alt, I play something with a hybrid role I can queue with.

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    Rogues and Paladins
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    Out of 71 characters level 80 or higher (I take the word alt-o-holic to a new level), only two are shaman. They are my least played class.
    im really curious how 71 characters is possible when the max is 50?

    OT: Affliction warlock... I hate what they did to the specc compared to how it used to be.. Shadow priest playstyle is more of how affli should have been..

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    Hunter I think, I always thought the pet was a pain in the ass to manage, I leveled a lock and loved destro in WotLK though, haven't leveled him since. But I never even got a hunter to max level so I guess I'll stick to hunter.

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