View Poll Results: Which class have you least played?

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  • Warrior

    32 7.67%
  • Mage

    43 10.31%
  • Hunter

    29 6.95%
  • Rogue

    66 15.83%
  • Paladin

    24 5.76%
  • Shaman

    32 7.67%
  • Priest

    43 10.31%
  • Warlock

    35 8.39%
  • Druid

    26 6.24%
  • Death Knight

    32 7.67%
  • Monk

    55 13.19%
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    Priest. I just can't get good dps with it no matter how much I try
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    Priest for me, I was always intrigued by them and attempted to roll one many times but I never could commit to the levelling process and always deleted them before I left the starting zones. Something about wearing cloth and not being able to terrified me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restors View Post
    im really curious how 71 characters is possible when the max is 50?
    More than one account.

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    I've played the game since the beginning and have had every class at level cap at least once, usually multiple times, except for mage. I don't think i've ever managed to get one past 30.

    Ironically mage was one of my first characters in WOW, an undead mage named Leshrac after the Tormented Soul hero in the original DOTA for Warcraft 3. But the mage playstyle was just so boring and unfun for me, I could never struggle through leveling it. As the years went by, lots of changes were made, they're actually piss easy to play and be good at now, but I still just can't stomach playing one.

    As a side note, kind of interesting seeing a few monk haters considering how well designed the class is (except the healing aspect, which isn't great but at least it's new/different). I guess people gotta be hipsters about everything, even classes. I remember when wrath was coming out there were people exactly like that for DK's saying how lame they would be and how they would never play one, etc etc.

    For me, it always came down to "why play this, when I can play this?". When I was in the mood to play a caster, I always wanted to play a warlock. They were just so much more interesting to me than the alternatives. I also played druids heavily in vanilla and TBC and any time I wanted to play another class I more or less asked myself why when my druid can do that already. Cat form was basically a rogue, it didn't have all the abilities and was kind of a "lesser" rogue but it has since evolved into it's own identity that doesn't try to be a weaker copy of a rogue anymore like it used to, the tank spec is the same way as it no longer tries to be a watered down warrior tank, but the option to play either and both at the same time was there, and that was the draw over either of the pure classes. For healing, i've always enjoyed druid healing much, much more than any other healing class. So my class selection basically boiled down to Do I want to tank? Druid. Do I want to heal? Druid. Do I want to be a rogue/dps? Druid. Do I want to be a caster? Warlock. That trend continued until death knights were created in Wrath because they had multiple tank styles you could choose from as well as multiple dps styles and I really liked how their mechanics worked.

    Even to this day I can't see much point playing most of the classes/specs in the game because whatever role they fill, I already have a class I enjoy more that can do the same thing.
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    Tie between rogue and warlock. But I'd say rogue more since they really need a major class revamp.

    Quote Originally Posted by Supakaiser View Post
    You do realize they still have data from as back as early cata from which many people might have quit so its not so accurate.
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    Shaman or rogue. I couldn't get into the totem micromanagement, and also don't like melee DPS (on warrior and DK I only tanked).
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    mage and hunter for me. Everyone always say how boring mage's rotation are so I havent been inspired to level one and I like that hunters have many ablities, but theyre all so bland

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    Warrior. I can't think of a more generic class, and it always bothered me that they are purely physical without any spells. I love DKs however, which are also very physical yet do posses magical abilities.

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    Priest,Druid,Mage. I started playing in tbc and honestly till pandaria i never ever even click on icon to create one.

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    DKs, they were too good in the start so I've just always had a dislike for them. In my old guild we'd blame every wipe on the DKs just cuz they were DKs (well 1 of them was also the worst player ever so it was mostly correct that he took a part in it)

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    Rogue and dk for me. I spend most of my time on one of my lvl 90 locks or shaman.

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    Mage. Never made it past level 7, I really don't know why...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supakaiser View Post
    According to this it seems Monk is the least played which is surprising cus it's a new class

    OT: I just can't stomach playing a priest. I think the highest I've lvled one is maybe lvl 50. Every other class has been atleast 80+. Wrath was way easy for alts to get geared & I had free time.
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    i got to say monk, they look cool and i got one in lvl 11, but i just can't lvl one atm, the cha and energy thing is clunky as hell with fucked up spells, i might try to lvl later, but now i stick with hunter, warr and mage. :P

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    Priest I'd say, considering they are one of the first classes that came with the game, and I have been playing since vanilla, I dont think i have any record of making one, If I did I dont think i ever got them out of the starting area :P

    Second to that I haven't played Deathknights except their intro level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    What is the class that you have least played and why?
    Rogue is the only thing I've never even tried to level. In past expansions I've had everything to max. level except Rogue, Mage and Priest...I can't really get into Priest and Mage bores me after about 5 minutes.
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    Warlock, because I think they are boring.
    It's so bad, I deleted 2 already (one during leveling, one because I wanted more other chars XD).

    Atleast I can say to myself I had all chars at 85 eventho my lock is no longer with us.

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    Hunter. Just never rolled one and got it to max level. I enjoyed it up to about 70 though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevii View Post
    According to this it seems Monk is the least played which is surprising cus it's a new class
    Why would this surprise you? Blizzard's terrified of repeating what happened with DKs, so they made Monks gimped, then to "fix" it made them harder to play than other classes at every role.
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    Warlock, leveled one in Cata to see the revamped zones and after reaching max level that was it, never touched it.

    Edit: completely forgot about monks, mine is sitting at 65 and no signs of going higher.

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