View Poll Results: Which class have you least played?

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  • Warrior

    32 7.67%
  • Mage

    43 10.31%
  • Hunter

    29 6.95%
  • Rogue

    66 15.83%
  • Paladin

    24 5.76%
  • Shaman

    32 7.67%
  • Priest

    43 10.31%
  • Warlock

    35 8.39%
  • Druid

    26 6.24%
  • Death Knight

    32 7.67%
  • Monk

    55 13.19%
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  1. #101
    Shamans. o_o Probably 'cause I never decide the race to play that class with. XD I always end leveling them up to lvl 10 and just erasing them for some reason....

    2nd would be Mage.

  2. #102
    Hunter used to be my least played, furthest I got was ~lvl 50, deleted it when I wanted a 2nd druid (feral/guardian, my old/'real' main is boomkin/resto). Just got bored to hell and back by it, once you get a pet it's snoozefest time. Nowadays monk is the actual least played since I haven't gotten around to level one yet, altho I fully intend to.

  3. #103
    I have deleted 4 hunters but never made a shaman.

    This is tough to answer. I find both terribly boring.

  4. #104
    Rogue for me. I don't really like to play a melee in general. Probably because I got used to playing a ranged class. I've leveled every class to 90, my rogue will be the last class making it from 85 to 90.

  5. #105
    Warlock myself. Was the last class I leveled to full, that was in Cata, and he's still sitting around 86 at this point. I get the itch to play him, and then go "meh". My own rogue's been needing attention, but it's the same thing, mainly because getting weapons is irritating. On the reverse, Enhancement Shaman really does it for me for the melee DPS aspect.
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  6. #106
    Monk, because it's the only class I don't have a character of.
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  7. #107
    Rogue. I want to get in the class I love the archetype, but it is just boring.
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  8. #108
    Never played a priest before, never played a monk either but monk came out just a little over a year ago, and Ive been playing from 2009 so yeah, priest takes the gold

  9. #109
    Rogue. Energy and Combo points suck. I've never enjoyed it and never will. That's why its my least played personally. My rogue shall stay at 85 forever!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevii View Post

    According to this it seems Monk is the least played which is surprising cus it's a new class
    I think it's because theme of the class. Not even close compared to what happend when they added Death Knight. I think same "class" boom could be when they announce deamon hunters as a new class

  11. #111
    druid.. hate not seeing gear and looking the same level after level. (granted a glyph slightly fixes this).

  12. #112
    Rogue. I feel like the class needs a complete rework, but that's me.

  13. #113
    I've never tried monk, so rogue or druid is my vote. Druid I just haven't spent enough time with, and rogue... I guess I just don't find it very appealing.
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    Priest, really dont like em

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    Druid, don't enjoy any of the specs anymore. Priest, shadow is boring. Mage, same as druid.

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