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    [Fire] "New" Rotation with 2pc/4pc mechanics

    Just posted this on Method forum awaiting Vykina's response, but I am interested in your guys' experiences and thoughts as well:

    My apologies if this has already been answered, but have you come to a conclusion on the rotation debate for the 2pc/4pc buffs?

    I know there was a bit of discussion as to whether it was no longer worth saving Pyro! procs for HU because you need to keep up your 2pc procs and this would in turn force you to use IB more which makes your 4pc more valuable.

    Any more information on this? I did a bit of testing myself and was doing about 187k single target self buffed with old rotation and 211k single target self buffed with "new" rotation. If we are moving to more of a "keep stacks as long as possible" rotation, my main question would be this:

    Assuming you have some sort of stacks and you cast a fireball/Pyro! and you get a nocrit/crit combination (which leaves you with a HU proc only), is it worth using the Pyro! proc you gain off of your next IB cast on the end of the already casted fireball instantly to keep up your stacks? (as without meta procs or the like you will be out of time to cast something again).

    I know that is quite confusing, but I hope you understand what I mean. That was the only real question I ran into when practicing the "new" rotation as I wasn't quite sure in those situations if it was okay to cast the Pyro! from IB instantly if you had no time to cast a FB just to keep stacks up.

    Anyone have direct experience with this or done extensive testing/siming?

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    I played a bit with that and for me i came out with the following:

    - HU/HS camping is still the way to go BUT with the new set u mix it up with "releasing Pyros" to keep the 2pc up.

    - when it comes to combustion u always want to begin with HS/HU AND 4pc up

    - maximising 2pc (highstack) uptime is important

    What i do:

    Rotation between Combustion:

    - with HS/HU -> Fb -> Pyro!

    - with just HS -> Fb -> Fb (-> instant) -> Pyro

    2pc is up for 5sec 2 Fireballs (+1 instant like IB or magebomb) fit perfectly
    After doing Fb FB Pyro if the next Fb will crit IB is ready again, so u don't waste HU proccs

    - IB only with HU or AFTER Evocation/Magebomb if just HU or just HS is up

    When it comes to Combustion:

    - If PoM is about to get ready again release all Pyros u have (if they crit release the following as well)

    After doing that, start new Sequence: Hu -> IB -> Fb until crit so with HS/HU AND 4pc up start pyrochaining

    So the goals are:

    - maximising 2pc Uptime
    - IB as much as needed but as few as possible
    - never start Combustion without HU/HS AND 4pc

    Example for uptime:

    is it worth using the Pyro! proc you gain off of your next IB cast on the end of the already casted fireball instantly to keep up your stacks?
    Depends. If its just 1-2 Stack i would save it and start again with HU/HS & 4pc. If its to keep 5 stack up i would cast it instantly.
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    I always aim to keep the 5-stack haste buff up. That's a big dps increase. You want to do everything in your power to keep it up once you're at 4/5 stacks, and that means changing your rotation.

    If you've got about 10k haste rating, you can do two fireballs + an instant cast before the buff drops. This means you can fish for HU procs while chaining pyros. Make good use of inferno blast in order to turn HU into pyros, and squeeze in as many fireballs as you can (the more chances you have to crit, the better). In desperate moments I've been known to fireball + inferno blast instantly just in case the fireball crits.

    If you lose your stacks, don't continue throwing out pyro procs at random. Just get a pyro! + HU proc as usual and see how it goes from there.

    Oh and if you have enough haste (around 10k?), 5 stacks of the buff will give you an extra tick on Living Bomb. So remember that if you know you're about to lose your stacks, at least refresh your bomb!

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    Vykina's response for those interested:

    "I'm still Pyro camping, I came to the decision that it isn't worth changing playstyle for the 4p, you still only IB with HU or after Invoc/Bomb refresh if you have a Pyro.

    As for the 2p, you play as normal, but you do try a bit to keep up the stacks, especially if you are 4+, all I do different is I would use a Pyro by itself to preserve my stacks if they are about to fall, even without HU. The 2p is very strong if you get lucky with procs, but you still want to Pyro camp where possible."

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    Seems like common sense that you would keep up your 2p stacks and otherwise play like normal.

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